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The Lioness Roars

By Ben Barrett on July 30th, 2013.

Raaaaar, money!

We’ve discussed adventure game and mysterious existential-‘em-up Lioness before but after twenty three days of funding I’m happy to report it has now well over doubled the $7,000 target, with a view to carry on into the crazy wilderness of $20,000 and above. Developer Zak “mooosh” Ayles, working mostly by his lonesome, describes himself as “interested in exploring the potential of games as a storytelling medium” and with a quick glance at the trailer’s speedy descent into madness, embedded post-cut, he’s assuredly in uncharted territory.

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By Nathan Grayson on July 9th, 2013.

Beware the Javamantis

If nothing else, Lioness should probably be on your radar. While adventures not named The Walking Dead use the form as gizmo-and-bobbin-powered gateway to the past, PUNKSNOTDEAD developer Zak Ayles wants to move things forward. Or at least off an incredibly well-worn path. The idea is to tell a story about people via a non-linear “organic narrative experience that feels personal and unique to everyone who plays it.” Also, the plot sounds completely bonkers, with a principle focus on time travel, yakuza, and, um, “interdimensional coffee”. There’s a video that won’t make you any less confused after the break.

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By Nathan Grayson on April 5th, 2013.


No, this isn’t about Brendy Caldwell’s excellent RPS article series of the same name, but it’s arguably just as good. PUNKSNOTDEAD is a fleeting roar of pure mastery. A stage-dive into a candy colored killmadness. An out-of-tune guitar bellowing through shredded vocal chords. It’s a game that feels like a punk song, unrestrained and full of righteous rage. The end result is brief as it is pure, but the cacophonous punch-frenzy of a sidescroller holds nothing back. Also, it uses curse words! Oooooooooooooo.

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