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Let’s Address Some Portal 2 Nonsense

Nonsense, taking place in Portal 2.

There’s are some extremely strange bits and pieces flying around about Valve and Portal 2 today, all over the place, and perhaps best summed up by the cavalcade of nonsense being posted on Metacritic by confused disgruntled gamers (and presumably quite a few trolls). The main contentions:

1) Portal 2 is 4 hours long
2) There’s Day 1 DLC
3) It’s a console port
4) The Potato Sack ARG didn’t change anything.

Let’s have a think.

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Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s News In Briefs

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The Headlines:

New ‘Locked Box’ DRM demonstrates 100% success rate against piracy

Developer spends too much time on mediocre soundtrack, inaccurately believes it merits CD release

New poker hand introduced as games run out of titles

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