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New Baldur’s Gate Set Between 1 And 2 Coming This Year

By Alice O'Connor on January 9th, 2015.

Look, don't blame me for this being a photo of a screen.

Do you remember when Beamdog, the folks who’ve been revamping Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale, announced they were making a new Baldur’s Gate game? Do you remember – one set between the first two games and using the same dear old Infinity Engine? No, me neither. But, acting as if we all totally knew all along, they’ve now announced that it’ll launch this year. Beyond that, it’s a bit of a mystery, but gosh! An actual new Baldur’s Gate!

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Oh, Baldurdash – Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Delayed

By Nathan Grayson on September 15th, 2012.

Ah, the good old days - when spell effects did not screenshot well at all.

I suppose it seems only proper that – in making its pleasantly prim and made-over debut on the modern stage – Baldur’s Gate will now suffer the most modern fate of them all: a last-second holiday season delay. On the upside, however, it’s for a good cause. In short, Overhaul Games has found itself buried under a mountain fan requests, so it’s decided to dig its way out and make the Enhanced Edition, well, more enhanced. So no, Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced-er Edition won’t be coming out next week like originally planned, but Overhaul’s hoping the final product will be well worth the wait.

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Swords With Friends: Baldur’s Gate’s Cross-Plat Co-op

By Nathan Grayson on July 31st, 2012.

Everyone, I think we should stop and take a moment to remember that companionship is the greatest magic of all. Unquenchable, all-consuming fire's a close second, though.

It’s not that difficult to “enhance” something. Recently, I “enhanced” my cereal experience by pouring milk into it. In the world of PC gaming, however, “enhanced” is a holy and sacred word. The Witcher 1 and 2’s Enhanced Editions, for instance, were the equivalent of sending my cereal bowl sailing into a nearby forest, flying in an Iron Chef, and telling him to make whatever his heart desired – so long as it included over 100 courses. Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, meanwhile, appears to be taking a similar approach. And now, Beamdog’s announced a cherry for the proverbial cereal and ice cream and filet mignon sundae: cross-platform multiplayer.

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Wizard! Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition Out 18th Sept

By John Walker on July 26th, 2012.

Lots of news on that remake of Baldur’s Gate. First of all, a release date – the 18th September. Second, a price – a surprisingly high $20 when it’s released, and a teeny pre-order reduction at $18. There are new adventures, characters, and improvements. Details below.

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Baldur’s Gate III: “We’re Totally Thinking Kickstarter”

By Adam Smith on March 20th, 2012.

you might end up seeing a lot of this image over the next few months. I'll draw a three next to it if that helps.

Oh boy. Here’s my theory – throughout the year there will be numerous Kickstarter projects that people become excited about, pledge money to and then look forward to. Fatigue will set in due to the number of awesome concepts being put forward by wonderful people, but it isn’t fatigue alone that will end this fascination. My belief is that one day the perfect Platonic ideal of the Kickstarter project will appear, a game desired so long and so hard by so many that all money will be absorbed by it. In an interview with Gamespy, Beamdog say that the upcoming enhanced Baldur’s Gate games may open up the possibility for their “long-term goal”. Baldur’s Gate III.

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Wot I Think: MDK2 HD

By Andrew Smee on October 25th, 2011.

Imagine if they're remade it to have THESE graphics.

Overhaul Games have taken BioWare’s MDK2, and run it through the HDizing machine. Did we want that? Has it been worth it? We needed answers, dammit. So we got the fine Andrew Smee to play this new version all the way through, and tell us Wot He Thinks.

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