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Overwatch Beta In Autumn, Two New Characters Shown

By Ben Barrett on March 11th, 2015.

This is the most Blizzard image I've ever seen.

As part of the preview event at PAX East, Blizzard announced two new characters and a revised beta date for the upcoming class-based multiplayer FPS Overwatch [official site]. They are Aleksandra Zaryanova, a russian strongwoman and Jesse Mccree, a bounty hunter cowboy fellow. They bring the total cast to fourteen members. At the end of the presentation, embedded below, game director Jeff Kaplan also announced that beta for the game would start in fall, revising the estimate from Blizzcon of “this year.”

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Blizzard’s Overwatch May Be Blizzard’s Something Else

By Alec Meer on January 13th, 2015.

baby I'm on overwatch for you

Blizzard’s attempt to snag a trademark for its upcoming shooter Overwatch has gone a bit awry. Turns out the US Patent Office was on overwatch for stuff with the same name, and put up a roadblock when it discovered that a paintball system had filed for ‘Overwatch’ before the Warcraft folk got there.
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Blizzard’s Overwatch Is A Team Based FPS

By Ben Barrett on November 7th, 2014.

The Blizzcon reveal panel has now finished, liveblog and all the footage below.

To kick off the 2014 version of fan convention Blizzcon, Blizzard have announced Overwatch, a new game not set in any of their established universes. It’s in the future of Earth, featuring a number of superhero-styled characters battling it out for control points in 6v6 multiplayer FPS battles. The Team Fortress 2 inspiration is clear, both in the art style and how it plays out. Some more details below and I’ll add in the Pixar-quality announcement trailer once it goes live.

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Valve’s CS: GO Overwatch Are Always Watching

By Craig Pearson on May 24th, 2013.

staring eye!
Did you wake up this morning feeling more judged than usual? Don’t panic. Just look around the room and see if you can spot the RPS Staring Eye of Judgement? Well done, you have chosen, or been chosen, to take part in our little experiment: the RPS Staring Eye of Judgement will, eventually, monitor your every move to ensure that when you sit down and make a comment on the site that you’ve made the correct decisions in life up to that point. I say “eventually”, because right now it’s just a helium balloon with an eye drawn on it. Could you just drag it around and pretend, maybe making whirring and clicking noises? Thanks! We got the idea from Valve, who’ve decided to hand the matter of CS: GO’s policing over to the community. The sinister sounding Overwatch will be community members who have the power to review cheating cases reported by players and ban those responsible.
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