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PC Gamer Showdown: Update

By John Walker on September 27th, 2008.

It´s really real

Live, from inside the PC Gamer Showdown. RPS is on the scene, bringing you the news as it happens… Er, it´s quite fun. You should come along.

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PC Gamer Showdown: This Weekend

By John Walker on September 26th, 2008.

Finally, a chance to heckle Kieron.

PC Gamer launches the PCG Showdown this very night, with the doors opening to the public from 8am Saturday morning. What is it, you cry? It’s a combination of exciting game show, and uber-LAN party. The LAN is all sold out, but tickets are still available for everything else, and can be bought on the door. And three of RPS will be there.

So why come? Well, first of all there’s a whole bunch of fantastically exciting, unreleased games that you’ll be able to play. Seriously – these are top notch. There’s Far Cry 2, Battleforge, Dawn of War 2, Dead Space, Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway, Fifa 09, Multiwinia, Mirror’s Edge, and even Valve’s utterly incredible Left 4 Dead. That really is a remarkable selection of the most exciting things happening in big budget PC Game Land, and you can get your mitts on them long before release.

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Free Showdown Tickets

By Jim Rossignol on September 11th, 2008.

Update: Far Cry 2 and Dawn Of War II will be there.

If you fancy popping along to Stoneleigh Park for the day on 27th and 28th of September, for the PC Gamer Showdown, you now have a chance of grab a free day-ticket.

The first 250 of you to register at the official PC Gamer Showdown website will snag a pair of tickets to the event, see the action that goes down and go hands on with Left 4 Dead, FIFA 09, Mirror’s Edge, Facebreaker and more.

The “and more” bit is pretty interesting – I wish they’d hurry up and announce what else is going to be there! Go here to enter the compo.