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Pixeljunk Inc. Looks Brothy Brilliant

By Craig Pearson on September 4th, 2013.

This looks souper.
All of RPS was distracted by a bee when Pixeljunk Inc. was announced in March, which is thoroughly embarrassing because I’d have loved to have known about it sooner. I only discovered it because some previews are starting to drift out and it sounds delightful: a co-operative game of soup-making and world terraforming. You build giant Rube Goldberg soup-making machines in what appears to be a Terraria-ish procedurally generated world. You carve out caverns with lasers, gather ingredients, make soup, and fight off the animals that are living in the place you just tore up because their ecosystem is now part of your consommĂ©. Why is this soup so special? Because you need to send it into space, silly.
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