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Plants Vs Zombies: They Live! Also, Are Live!

By Kieron Gillen on June 26th, 2010.

I suspect Laura is the person least likely to keep people chopped up in her basement. That's just the vibe I get.

Having spent all Thursday working on my World of Love presentation and Friday actually doing it, I’m catching up with the gaming Internet. Hence, seeing Kotaku linking on Thursday to Laura Shigihara’s performing the song she wrote and performed in Plants Vs Zombies, There’s A Zombie On Your Lawn. Ah, 2009 flashback. ‘Tis very cute, and you’ll find it below…
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Plants Vs Zombies… Online

By Kieron Gillen on September 23rd, 2009.

Except not as sexy as that sounds. There’s a webgame version of Plants Versus Zombies available. It features three game modes – 14 levels of Adventure, Endless Survival and Vasebreaker – with 12 plans and 6 zombie types. And a new zombie type. Crikey. The biggest problem for me it actually shares with the new game. I lost my save, so would have to play through all the tediously easy early adventure levels to get to the actually interesting challenge modes. But for newcomers to the game, it’s a fine place to newly come.

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Plants Versus Zombies Versus Evony

By Kieron Gillen on July 30th, 2009.

Oh God. Thanks to the forum, I’m advert-blogging. Which can only mean one of two things: i) Post-Darkfall review I’ve totally lost it or ii) it’s an awesome advert that needs immortalisation. Or maybe both. Anyway, Plants Versus Zombies has a new ad-campaign. It’s been seen over at the Penny Arcade – maybe they did it? If so, well done you, Mr Penny and Mr Arcade – and is well worth nosing at. And it’s under the cut because it’s too long to go above it.
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Father-Mother Loves Plants vs Zombies

By Alec Meer on May 17th, 2009.

Inspired by my recent plea for Zeno Clash/Garry’s Mod mash-ups, veteran RPS reader Dartt revisits his own past glory to delightfully strange effect. A bigger version awaits you upon a click. The tragic absence of Tall-Nut aside, most excellent work, sir.

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Tall-Nut: Here Comes My Man

By Alec Meer on May 5th, 2009.

We have all played Plants vs Zombies by now. And we all have a favourite plant, right? Maybe it’s the triple pea plant. Maybe it’s the sweetcorn catapult that lobs hunks of ghoul-paralysing butter. Maybe it’s the impressively apocalyptic JalapeƱo pepper. For me, there is no question. Tall-nut is my super-unit, the answer to all my problems, the nemesis of all zombies. My one true love.

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The Plants Vs. Zombies Review

By John Walker on May 5th, 2009.

Yet another plants against zombies game - is there anything original left?

PopCap’s latest, Plants Vs. Zombies, certainly won our attention with its lovely promotional music video, and drew us in further with an intriguing and hilarious trailer. But what about the game itself? Can it deliver on the giant pile of cute promises? Find out wot I think below, in Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s review.

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SPUDOW! Plants Vs Zombies Trailer, Zombie Maker

By John Walker on April 24th, 2009.

Kieron's family photos. Kieron's away today. You can tell because I said that they were *his* family.

Plants Vs. Zombies is due out in only two weeks now, and we’d love to tell you all about it, but mmmmphhh mmmpphhh mmmpppphh. Every time we try someone from PopCap appears behind us and stuffs a rag in our mouths. However, be sure to be here on 5th May when we’ll have the definitive review. Why definitive? Because we’re arrogant like that. Meanwhile, there’s a brand new trailer to enjoy, and an opportunity to make your very own zombie.

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Road Cones Protect My Head: Plants Vs Zombies

By John Walker on April 1st, 2009.


I can’t tell you how crappy a day I’ve had. From stomach bug to exploding graphics cards, it’s been a stinker. So I would like to loudly declare the complete magical happiness that PopCap’s announcement has brought me. Plants Vs. Zombies looks like it will be PopCap’s interpretation of a tower defence game, but details at this point are scarce. What’s not scarce is a gorgeous song to accompany the news, with an adorable singing sunflower backed by a chorus of zombies. Who we don’t want on our lawn. Now with video below.

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