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NSFW: The Man Don’t Give A Phuq: Pure Filth

By Kieron Gillen on December 9th, 2008.

Spermicidal bi-sexuals are like buses. They go all night on major routes. (What? - Ed)

I noticed this up on Friday over at Qt3 on Friday. And it’s my favourite profanity-based coding thing since that list of porn-sites got onto B-17 all those years back. Basically, going through ATV-racer Pure‘s file structure, gamers have found an entire folder full with extensive lists of swearing. In several languages. What’s up? Well, it appears to be the word-filters for the game (A Qt3 poster claims it’s Pure-publisher Disney’s standard one). I suspect for an age-rating-3-and-over game, this wasn’t exactly planned.

It’s quite the list. And here’s some of our favourites. NSFW, clearly.
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Whinge For The Day

By Alec Meer on October 16th, 2008.

I would rather have a bleak, ugly DOSian text list than an animated menu screen that takes two agonising minutes to load each and every time just because it’s got a pretty 3D effect in the background (and that’s before a second, longer loading screen for the game itself). Pure, I’m looking at you – a game in which I’ve spent roughly twice the time staring at loading screens that I have actually playing the thing. Christ, how does this kind of glaring annoyance not come up in playtesting and QA? This SSX-with-ATVs console port is a big old fun time otherwise. More on it soon, I suspect.

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Pure: Everything To Do With ATVs

By John Walker on October 1st, 2008.

Brighton looks amazing!

Brighton is obviously the hotbed of offroad quad biking. From where else would you expect to find such a game? Disney’s Black Rock Studio are based there, and creating the cross-platform Pure. (And not P.U.R.E.) And now there’s a demo. An enormous 1.9Gb one. And for all that downloading, you get a tutorial, and three laps on the Italian Mount Garda track. On your way. Thanks to WorthPlaying.

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P.U.R.E. (Nothing To Do With ATVs)

By Alec Meer on September 23rd, 2008.


Keep meaning to give this a play, but a heinous work overload currently forbids it – so I’ll post about it anyway and hopefully follow up with impressions later. Despite sharing a name with that PS3 ATV thing, it’s actually an entirely free RTS – built on the Spring engine – with ambitions of Total Annihilation/Supreme Commander-scale battles. And it’s about blowing up robots, so I like it already. Download the newly-out release candidate 2 of P.U.R.E. from here (it’s 260Mb), find out more about it here, and watch a trailer beneath the cut.
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