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Drive The Car, Shoot The Gun: Quantum Rush

By Ben Barrett on August 28th, 2013.

Kickstarter nostalgia-trading isn’t exactly new – the crowd-funding revolution was started by that most romanticised of genres the adventure game, after all – but I can still get the odd hit off it. Quantum Rush is one such provider, calling to mind two mainstays of my childhood: Lego Racers (awful, buggy, bad controls, loved it to death) and Rollcage (probably crap, won’t hear a bad word against it). It’s a “combat racer” in a futuristic style that allows for anti-grav technology, industry standard death beams and a truly wacky selection of locales. GameArt Studio are after the lofty sum of $100,000 on the dream-funder and you can see what they’ve got to say after the cut.

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