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Ubisoft Having A Crack?

By John Walker on July 18th, 2008.

'Now arrest ourselves for terrorism.'

Piracy, as we are so frequently told, is wrong. Apparently it funds child abuse and terrorism (by means they’re not quite ready to explain just yet). It’s a serious business folks. Which makes it a bit odd when Ubisoft get spotted apparently doing it.

People who bought Rainbow Six Vegas 2 via Direct2Drive were having a bit of a problem with the 1.02 version of the game, with it refusing to install. So Ubisoft or Direct2Drive released a v1.03 patch to fix it. Unfortunately for them, canny people took a closer look at the solution in place.

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Slippery When Whetted

By John Walker on March 12th, 2008.

Much info appeared in Ubisoft and Take-Two’s press releases that appeared last night, which were full of words like “fiscal” that confuse and scare me. They also include the slippy-slidey nature of a bunch of their PC releases. So what do we know?

assassin's creed

Ubi’s Assassin’s Creed is going to take an extra couple of weeks before it’s on our machines. Sneaking out of March, it’s now hiding in a hay cart until April 11th.

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Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

By Jim Rossignol on February 9th, 2008.

I should probably have a really good Vegas pun for this alt text, but I'm too hungover, sorry.
Opinions about the Rainbow Six: Vegas sequel seem to be mixed. Some of us are giving it a shrug of indifference, while others are hoping to recapture some of the co-operative combat delights that we experienced with the original game. Personally I think it could well be a fun time – the last game kept me interested a whole lot longer than I expected, despite the overall lack of character and variety. Beyond the jump, a handful of new in-game footage:
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