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Rawbots Is Looking Ace, And For Money

The latest footage of Rawbots impresses even more than previously. The game in which you design, build and program your own robots, and indeed the world you play in. A sandbox sandbox. It looks a combination of daunting and remarkable – and check out the hand at the end of the video below.

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Meccano Warriors: Rawbots Alpha Released

Back in August we spotted Rawbots – a game in which you build your own robot from constituent parts, and then use it to fight other robots. That is a game right there. And now there’s a playable alpha.

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Construct-Em-Up: Rawbots

Sometimes a premise is all you need. Build your own robot from a big pile of parts, then have it fight someone else’s robot. Sold? Good. Check out the Rawbots video below.

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