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Bittersweet: Arcane Kids’ Room Of 1000 Snakes

By Nathan Grayson on June 8th, 2013.

Don't push the button don't push the button don't push the button don't push the

One of my favorite things (like, in general; definitely more so than pizza or you) is shouting “DON’T GO IN THERE” at really inopportune moments during movies and TV shows. Related: I don’t have many friends. Room of 1000 Snakes, on the other hand, probably warrants that kind of obnoxiously eardrum-walloping bellow, so here’s my advice on the subject: do it anyway. The rather brief, um, interactive experience – which comes from Zineth and Perfect Stride developer Arcane Kids – is a dissertation on the overwhelming might of human curiosity. You really, really shouldn’t go in that room, but come on: we both know you’re gonna do it anyway.

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