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Crazy (Not) Taxi: Roundabout Out In September

By Nathan Grayson on July 10th, 2014.

Ahhhhhh, the scenic route

True fact: the song “Roundabout” by mega-proggers Yes is one of the greatest things. Case in point: here it is making JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure infinity times better. But that’s not actually what we’re here to talk about today. Roundabout: The Game has little (perhaps even nothing) to do with jaunty ’70s rock tunes.

Except that’s not really a problem when it’s just a different kind of great. As John highlighted last year, Roundabout is (round) about navigating a ceaselessly spinning limousine through an open world, a potent metaphor for life if ever there was one. And it has intentionally terrible FMV cut-scenes!┬áSeptember can’t swerve into our lives, wheels all-too-literally painting the town red, soon enough.

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The Best Game Idea You’ll See Today: Roundabout

By John Walker on October 17th, 2013.

The year 1977 was a pretty important one. It was, for instance, the year I was spawned. And that’s it. Those are the reasons it’s so important. It was also, claim developers No Goblin, the year the revolving chauffeur-driven limo was introduced. And so it is the setting for Roundabout, a game in which you must navigate a spinning limousine through an open world. Oh goodness, yes.

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