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RPS At E3: Sweeping Up

Just admiring the view.

There are a few bits and pieces from E3 that I’ve yet to write about. I’ve also thoughts on the remarkable-looking Love to come, and details on a few of Paradox’s forthcoming games via Mr Stone. But here’s a few that were left over. Below there’s a few brief comments on Alpha Protocol, Alien Vs Predator and Rogue Warrior.

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RPS-ish At-ish E3: Day 2, Part 1 – Valve

Two things were delightful about dropping by Valve’s meeting room today. First was the chance to (finally!) get some hands-on time with Left 4 Dead, and the other was that I got to play it with Chet Faliszek, who you may know (should know) as one of the men behind Old Man Murray. Thankfully he was so nice (graciously accepting my stuttering adulation) that I didn’t have the heart to bring up that the start to crate time for Left 4 Dead was literally zero.*

Of course, who cares? It’s an FPS with zombies! So I can live with the crates. The word on the internet, I’ve seen, is similarly unconcerned about crates but deeply unimpressed by the redesigned characters, with people by and large disliking them. I’m going to disagree with this and say I absolutely love them.
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RPS-ish At-ish E3: Day 1, Part 2 – EA

Dear RPS Readers,

Thanks for the interested comments in response to my first post! They have warmed my heart and girded my loins for the rest of the week. Straight after filing my first report I had to dash (well, walk leisurely) across downtown Los Angeles to get to the EA press conference, held at the Orpheum Theatre – a truly gorgeous restored vaudeville theatre where they shot the theatre scenes for Last Action Hero. Which wasn’t as thrilling as accidentally ending up at Union Station (where they filmed the police station scenes for Blade Runner) yesterday, but interesting none the less. In a round about way that sort of sums up EA’s press conference, too. Not hugely thrilling, but unquestionably interesting.
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RPS-ish at-ish E3: Day 1, Part 1 – MS

Dear RPS Readers,

As not one of the quintessential quartet that makes up the Rock Paper Shotgun team were able to make it out to Los Angeles, they sent me instead. Well, they say they “weren’t able to make it out” – they probably all remembered that going to E3 as a journalist lumps you in with a large group of hobbyist “journalists” who whoop and pump their fist in the air when executives come out on stage during press conferences.
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