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Goodness, Welcome Philippa Warr To The RPS Hivemind!

By John Walker on September 29th, 2014.

Horace is finally back from his shopping trip, and we are very excited to welcome the latest member of the RPS family. It is none other than Philippa Warr! Yippee! Please say your nicest hellos below.

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We’re Keeping Graham: He’s Our New Managing Editor

By RPS on January 16th, 2014.

Well this is some very splendid news. You very likely have noticed that Mr Graham Smith has been writing all over RPS for the last few months. You may well have been squeegeeing your eyes and asking, “What? THE Graham Smith?! From off of PC Gamer?!” Yes indeed, THE Graham Smith. We’re very excited to announce today that he has been appointed as RPS’s Managing Editor. Say hello to Graham!

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Hivemind Restored: Welcome Adam Smith

By John Walker on September 22nd, 2011.

Every new person gets a session with Horace.

It was a long, interesting process. When RPS put out the appeal for a new writer to plug into the hivemind™, we were never expecting not only the incredible volume of applicants, but the extraordinarily high standards. Over 300 people applied for the position, and in there were many absolutely fantastic candidates. It was not an easy decision by any means, which is partly why it’s taken us so very long. But one writer stood out, in terms of the specialisms we were hoping for combined with just really great writing. He, you may have guessed, is Adam Smith.

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