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Wot I Think: Inversion

Why are fatties always baddies in games? Where are the goodie fatties?

Saber Interactive’s Inversion came out on our console cousins at the beginning of June. It’s now with us on PC, with a decent port. But is it a decent game? I took on the forces of gravity to find out, and here’s Wot I Think.

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Attack Of The Movies: Battle: Los Angeles

Attack of the Transformers' mutant brother.

There’s a bunch of ALIENS DESTROYING THE EARTH movies coming up this year, about which I couldn’t be more pleased. Who cares how stupid they are, when there’s ALIENS DESTROYING THE EARTH? (Unless it’s ID4, and then yes, of course, I care how stupid it is. I’m not deranged.) One of these films is Battle: Los Angeles, and the trailer looks seventy-six kinds of (dumb) awesome. And last night it was announced that there’s to be a game for it. There’s a few reasons to think this may not be the usual shovelware.

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