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Save This: Lewie Procter Is Five Years Old!

It’s true. The Bargain Bucket man has been around for five years, and to celebrate he’s running an extravagant bargain-based games sale from his Savygamer site! Here’s the link, just for you. The games on sale include A.Typical RPG, AI War: Alien Bundle, Blue Toad Murder Files, Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land, Democracy 2, Eufloria, These Robotic Hearts of Mine, Fate of the World, Time Gentlemen, Please!, Planet Stronghold, Gratuitous Space Battles: Collectors Edition, Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD, Super Meat Boy, and Civilization 5. That’s some games, alright.

And happy birthday, Mr P.

The RPS Bargain Bucket: Indie Inundation

It’s that time again: the time when SavyGamer’s magnificent LewieP guides you in the direction of the best bargains. Ladies & Gentleman, please head calmly clickwards for all the necessary links to an amazingly cheap array of indie games. And watch out, it gets Steamy down there.

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