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TF2’s Sniper & Spy Get Milestone Achievements

By John Walker on May 30th, 2009.

He's all about compromise

Here’s a spot of news. Team Fortress 2 has received an update tonight that means the Sniper and Spy unlockables can now be received through gaining achievement milestones. This works alongside the controversial new random-o-drops that enable people to get new items out of the blue, blue sky. The change comes alongside a collection of fixes for bugs and exploits that were brought in with the new bits and bobs. So there we go. Is everyone happy now? Cheers to pezhore for alerting us.

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Sniper & Spy Updates Online, TF2 Free Weekend

By John Walker on May 22nd, 2009.

And so it comes to pass, the Sniper/Spy update is live, TF2’s gone free for a weekend, and the price for keeping it has halved. Here’s what we learned. The Sniper got his Huntsman bow, then he got his Razorback shield. Things got weird, Spies started appearing, and then the Spy had two watches revealed, The Cloak And Dagger and The Dead Ringer. We then met the Spy, shortly followed by the Spy getting The Ambassador. Finally the Sniper gets a jar of piss, and somewhere along the way lots of new achievements were announced and a new Payload Race game mode. Enough? Good. Who’s next?

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Act Surprised: Official HD Meet The Spy

By John Walker on May 19th, 2009.


Just a quick note to say the official version of Meet The Spy is now available on Valve’s Spy Update pages, and available to download in HD via Steam. There’s also the traditional unveiling of the achievement names, with their descriptions to be added tomorrow. Also, kudos to Valve for their good humour over the weekend’s accidental early leaking of the video via YouTube, with the bonus achievement shown above.

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Sniper Spy Update Day 4

By John Walker on May 15th, 2009.


So it was all true. The Sniper update for TF2 has indeed been infiltrated by the Spy, Valve’s URL for the new content now changed to “/spyupdate”, the “/sniperupdate” address now gone. What on Earth does it all mean?

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Sniper Update Day 3: Things Get Mysterious

By John Walker on May 15th, 2009.

Is there something in the Spy's hand?

Valve seem to be messing with us. As the Sniper update rolls out, suspicious things have been happening. Suspicious, sneaky, back-stabby things. Spy-like things. Yesterday saw the reveal of a new game mode (the one hinted at in the background during the Scout update), the Payload Race. Two carts, one per team, uphill. Today brings us the Sniper’s second unlockable – the Razorback – a “tribal shield” wired up to a battery, designed to protect the Sniper from being backstabbed by Spies. But it gets weirder.

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They Will Stick To The Wall: Sniper Update Day One

By John Walker on May 12th, 2009.

So very appealing.

Valve have spun the giant wheel of classes and this time it’s settled on the Sniper. He’s getting his update “in the coming days”. This means the familiar pattern will take place: over the next few days we’ll be told about his three weapon unlockable upgrades, new user-made maps that are going official, and a big pile of new achievements. Today’s announcement: a bow and arrow!

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