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Gymkhanta: It’s Pony Vs. Pony


There are a great many online free-to-play games that we ignore every day. If we did not, the site would be only covering such games, no one would read it, and we’d all be broken, sobbing messes. But I am not a strong enough man to skip past something called Pony Vs. Pony. Not when there’s a song, too.

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Mining My Own Business: Space Asshole

Being an asshole.

Griefing in a single player game may seem slightly self-defeating, but in a game like Red Faction: Guerilla it’s just so incredibly tempting. A game that makes everything but the ground itself destructible and then gives you a giant hammer is asking for trouble – when you realise you can smash up your own bases, including their inhabitants, it becomes a battle with your own consciousness not to constantly destroy it, ally moral be damned. This is something that clearly couldn’t be resisted by Idle Thumbs who have created a superb song about the exploits of a Space Asshole. You can watch it below.

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You Have To Burn The Rope: UPDATE

I'm nearly a hero. Thanks to Steve Avery for the tip.

Videogames are getting so hard these days.

UPDATE: Exclusive RPS Walkthrough now available.

This Device Has Been Modified

Our secret mole inside Valve has pointed out this song to us:

It’s by Victims of Science, which is an excellent name to be sure, and makes a nice track 2 for our just made up unofficial Portal album. Just need tracks 3 to 12 now.