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Hard Choices Update: SSD Price Crash

By Jeremy Laird on June 13th, 2012.

Quick heads-up for the hardware-hungry RPS massive: SSD prices have fallen off a cliff in recent weeks, so if you’ve been holding off until now it may be time to swoop on one.
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Hard choices: SSDs

By Jeremy Laird on April 30th, 2012.

Do blame Alec for this

With my last instalment deftly punting the dreary but essential matter of motherboards into touch, it’s time to get back to something sexy. That’s right, RPSers, solid state storage gives me trouser tentage. I love SSDs, and I’m here to tell you which three drives are the ones you should be pointing your wallet at.
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If You Buy One PC Upgrade This Year…

By Alec Meer on April 4th, 2011.

I'm like Don Draper, but 1/3 of the size

…Make it an SSD. I am not making spurious claims or waving my silly little e-willy around here. It’s the single most immediately noticeable system upgrade I think I’ve ever done, and as such I’m keen it isn’t stranded in a techhead and rich-gonk ghetto. This is an upgrade for any PC gamer, not purely for the well-monied ‘performance enthusiasts’ who get a bit worryingly sweaty when looking at bar charts.
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