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Sanitawesomium: STASIS Isn’t Standing Still

By Alec Meer on May 19th, 2014.

There's me rhapsodising about the look then illustrating it with a picture of vending machines. This is why I don't work in marketing

Sanitarium-inspired space-horror adventure game STASIS impressed me even before it had any money in the bank, but based on its most recent videos it appears to be spending its Kickstarter funbucks wisely. Specifically, on making its haunting environments all the more detailed, animated, lavish and sinister. More ichor, too. More ichor always helps in any game. Yes, even the My Little Pony ones. Don’t try to tell me I’m wrong.
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STASIS Digs For Maybe, Possibly Kickstarter Victory

By Alec Meer on December 3rd, 2013.

Update – well, that was quick. ‘Tis funded.

It’s going to be a highly stressful four days for Christopher and Nicolas Bischoff, who are presumably right now staring at the big $98,927 number on the STASIS Kickstarter page and praying it’ll tick just a little higher, up to the magic $100,000 that will secure the gothic sci-fi pointerclicker’s funding and future. 56 more people backing the entry-level Digital Edition tier would do it, according to my calculator. Having done some perfunctory maths, I am now exhausted and must sleep for a while. I’ll return later.
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I Have No Money But I Must Pledge: STASIS

By Alec Meer on November 6th, 2013.

Sci-fi/horror pointer-clickerer STASIS might feature gratuitous use of the Inception Button in its trailers but it does look very mmmmmmm indeed. (That’s ‘mmmmm’ as in ‘lip-smacking’ rather than ‘Jeremy Paxman encouraging a duplicitous politician to keep on digging his own hole’, by the way.) It cites the likes of The Dig, Dead Space and Sanitarium among its influences , but it’s the hauntingly lavish isometric art which really makes it stand out and, perhaps, give it a shot at Kickstarter superhappytimes. The release of an impressive demo is only going to help with that.
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All Right Sweethearts, What Are You Waiting For? STASIS

By Alec Meer on April 2nd, 2012.

Puts me in mind of the opening of Baldur's Gate II. BUT IN THE FUTURE.

We’ve got the wacky, surrealistic end of the 90s point’n’click adventure game spectrum covered all over again, but what about the horror side of things? Back when we were laughing at monkeys or sending hamsters through time, we could also opt for a real downer with the likes of I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream, Gabriel Knight, Sanitarium and Darkseed. STASIS is a new take on this old darkness, a 2D, isometric sci-fi horror adventure (horenture?) with impressively lavish graphics and suitably scary noises. It really does look rather good, in a frightening sort of way.
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