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Steam Clouds Are Forecast (Ha Ha!)

I'm too tired and jetlagged to think of a good joke for tihs image.

You may remember that back in May, RPS was the first place in the world to announce Valve’s new addition to Steam, Steam Cloud. Today Valve have declared that it’s finished, and ready to go live.

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Steamworks & Steam Cloud – In Summary

I'm running out of old Steam images we've used!

Valve has announced Steamcloud. That’s the headline that should be at the top, I suppose. That will be the headline on all the gaming sites that respond to today’s news. A new system for storing player data, from save games to keyboard configurations, on Steam is a brilliant idea. Your games are now available on any PC, and you can play exactly where you left off, without having to invert the mouse and disassemble your friend’s lunatic configuration.

But what I think what’s most exciting about this afternoon’s mini-conference (about seven journalists are here) is the motivation for its existence. PC gaming is strong, and getting stronger, and Valve wanted to say so.

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