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Wot I Think: Ikaruga

By Adam Smith on February 20th, 2014.

Developers Treasure are masters of the shoot ‘em up though and Ikaruga is among their greatest works. That would be reason enough to recommend it – a superb entry from a developer horribly under-represented on PC – but there’s more than mastery at work here. Applying the sort of twist that could snap a neck, Radiant Silvergun had already shown Treasure’s willingness to reinvent and subvert the traditional shoot ‘em up without cracking the mould completely. Even though a decade has passed since its original release, Ikaruga may still be the ultimate expression of the developer’s refined risk and reward mechanics. Here’s wot I think.

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Valve: The Movie Coming To A Steam Near You In March

By Nathan Grayson on February 20th, 2014.

At some point, we’re just going to have to accept the fact that Valve is all. Where once it was merely a humble game developer, it now has a synonymous-with-PC-gaming storefront, its own series of console-ish boxes, a mini-convention, a virtual reality department, the largest collection of virtual hats on Earth, and every number in human history all the way up to 2. Oh, and now it’s got its own movie too, because why not? Free To Play: The Movie is a high-budget Valve production about three DOTA 2 pros. Color me intrigued. And also purple. I am feeling very purple right now.

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Better? Maybe? – You Can Now Report Abusive Steam Tags

By Nathan Grayson on February 15th, 2014.

Steam's community isn't *always* wrong

Oh, Valve. I’d like it so very much if we lived in the world you seem to wishfully inhabit. Power to the people! It’s a wonderfully idealistic goal, but there’s just one problem with it: the Internet mutates far too many people into hideous trolls, and they use their powers to make the world a viler, more putrid place. I’m not as against democratization of game development/sales as, say, John, but I do think there need to be serious checks in place to prevent rampant misuse and willful idiocy. It is, then, good to see Valve sort of moving in that direction with Steam Tags. Doubtless, Steam needs to beef up discoverability for its increasingly labyrinthine library, but easily abused tags initially turned the feature into a giant joke. Valve’s solution? A community driven report function, naturally.

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Steaming Pile: Steam Tags Added To Steam Beta

By Graham Smith on February 13th, 2014.

The real problem is that Steam Tag isn't a steam-related pun.

Valve do like their user-generated content. They’ve updated Steam with Steam Reviews, Steam Greenlight and now Steam Tags, which let players label Steam games with keywords. Those tags are then made searchable and used to recommend game-types you might like based on your playing history.

Unfortunately, much like previous additions, it turns out the internet can’t be trusted. The system is already being used to mark games with insults, and even though it’s still in beta, labels are already appearing on game’s store pages.
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That Was Quick: Steam Boss No Longer At Microsoft

By Nathan Grayson on February 13th, 2014.

Whoops, looks like Microsoft’s Ken Lobb neglected to tell me something. Shortly after publishing our interview from D.I.C.E.’s red carpet wherein I specifically mentioned the hiring of former Steam director of business development Jason Holtman as a sign that Microsoft was embracing PC gaming, I received an anonymous tip that he was no longer with the company. One quick LinkedIn check later and, yep, he’s out. That, um, doesn’t bode well.

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Descent Is 19 Tomorrow, And On Steam Today

By John Walker on February 12th, 2014.

Yesterday, when I glanced at the new releases on Steam and saw “Descent” I thought, “Huh, someone’s used that name again – well, it has been nineteen years since it came out.” And then I dropped down dead of old age and horror because it’s been nineteen years since Descent came out. I’ve only just recovered from this death, and looked again. No, it’s actually Descent. It’s somehow appeared on Steam. Descent!

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German Court Rules Against Rights To Resell Steam Games

By John Walker on February 10th, 2014.

In a perhaps not too surprising result, the case in Germany brought against Valve that attempted to demonstrate the right to resell Steam games was lost last week. Brought by German consumer group Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband (vzbv), this was a second attempt to see a court rule that consumers have the right to resell their Steam games. Like you can with any physical gaming product. And for a second time, the courts ruled against it.

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Mechin’ A Move: Hawken Stomps Onto Steam

By Adam Smith on February 6th, 2014.

Hawken is one of the most attractive games I’ve ever seen, all shuddering steel and clouds of debris, and it is exclusively about large robots fighting. There’s no cutscene-laden narrative, no downtime and no pricetag. There are maybe six people in the world who don’t like to see mechs fighting twenty four hours a day so Hawken should be the most popular game in the world. That’s not the case though and, ahead of its full launch, publishers Meteor are moving their multiplayer bot-battler to Steam. Current account-holders will receive codes by the end of this week, allowing them to reinstall through Steam without losing their progress and items. Once the migration has occurred the game will become publicly available, some time later this month.

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Steam Music Will Soon Be A Thing You Can Have

By John Walker on February 4th, 2014.

Steam Music, Valve’s latest addition to the ever-growing suite of tools in the big grey window, will be entering beta soon. Premièring on SteamOS and Big Picture, and then dragging its heels to the desktop version soon after, the idea is to let you listen to music as you play.

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The RPS Verdict: Steam In-Home Streaming Beta

By Alec Meer on January 30th, 2014.

A computer and a stream, yesterday

The first raft of people have been allowed into the beta of Steam’s upcoming In-Home Streaming tech, which enables you to stream pretty much any Steam game (and even a few non-Steam games) from your main games PC to another PC elsewhere in the house. Among those people are Graham and Alec, who’ve been trying it out on assorted hardware, and who here sit down to have a good old chinwag about their respective experiences. It’s a great idea on paper, but does it really work? Yes, obviously it does or they wouldn’t have released it. But does it work well? Sir, you are being clickbaited.

(Yes ok it works quite well, sort of, depending on your setup and which games you try, but please read the article anyway).
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No Money Down: Steam Lets You Cancel Pre-Orders

By Graham Smith on January 27th, 2014.

Put your Steam back in the bottle.

This seems like a very odd feature for Steam not to have already had, but there we go. If you pre-order a game through Valve’s digital distribution service, you can now cancel that order and be automatically refunded for the cost of the game.

Previously cancelling pre-ordered items required you to contact Steam support in order to receive a refund, but now the funds will instantly appear in your Steam wallet and the game will be removed from your account.
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