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Wot I Think: The Critter Chronicles

By John Walker on December 11th, 2012.

A slightly shorter, but still very much full-length sequel to last year’s The Book Of Unwritten Tales features the previous game’s best characters. But can The Critter Chronicles repeat the same grin-inducing entertainment, perhaps this time without falling apart at the end? Here’s wot I think:

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My Word Is Power: The Critter Chronicles

By John Walker on October 31st, 2011.

See, see! Games can still look this lovely!

Not nearly enough people took notice of my review last week and bought adventure The Book Of Unwritten Tales. I mean, I can’t prove that, but I’m assuming people didn’t. People tend not to do things that are good for them. But during it, I made a wish. I said I wanted them to make a game based on one of the characters, Critter. A strange, pink… thing, that babbles in nonsense and is ludicrously adorable. Well, it turns out they are.

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