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The RPG Scrollbars: Oktoberquest

This month, it seems like just about every major RPG out there is getting a major update. Divinity: Original Sin. Wasteland 2. Guild Wars 2. Even Deus Ex! All we need is for someone to announce that they’ve secretly been upgrading Darklands on the sly and we’ll have the whole set. Here’s a quick look at what’s taking a level up on a PC near you.

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Hands On: Star Wars The Old Republic PvP

I'll P against your P!

Last week we brought you word of the impressive-looking PvE content in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Now is the turn of the PvP. How does this fit into a game that’s so story-focused? Read on.

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Hands On: Star Wars: The Old Republic

I was the blue one.

I had the chance to sit down to play The Old Republic for a couple of days. News about the PvP side of things will be with you in just over a week, but below are my impressions of a big chunk of time with the Imperial Agent’s PvE. There’s also some brand new screens, that you can click on for larger versions. How does the game balance RPG and MMO? Is this really KotORs 3, 4 and 5? I have some thoughts to share.

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The Old Republic Reveals A Flashpoint

Today I will start the day (late) having blown up my PC. [For the purposes of science, you understand. My experiment told me what I needed to know, at least. At the cost of one power supply.] Then, having repaired stricken PC, I shall use it to watch this trailer from The Old Republic, below. It’s a splendid affair which details Taral V, which is one of The Old Republic’s “flashpoints”, or as we call them in the past, “dungeons”. It’s the highly-scripted instanced adventure that will make The Old Republic into something akin to a classic Bioware RPG, only with additional MMO wheels for internet travels. And it looks good.
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Bioware Talk Specialisation In SWTOR

We’ve not heard much from The Old Republic lately, but they’re still chattering away on a regular basis, most recently talking about their “advanced classes” system, in which players get to choose how to specialise as they progress within one of the existing classes. The example that Bioware use in their blog post on the subject is the smuggler class, and they show how their system makes the various permutations of smuggler folk familiar from the Star Wars universe available within the game. Here’s the bit that interested me: “We identified roles for our game that are unique to the Star Wars experience: While the idea of a ‘ranged tank’ is hard to realize in most MMO environments due to the prevalence of melee combat, the ‘Vanguard’ Advanced Class for the Trooper is perfectly viable in the Star Wars setting where blaster fire and ranged combat dominate the majority of engagements.” Certainly could be interesting, and I am unable to guess how that combat is going to feel, despite all the previews and videos. It’s going to something I want to get my hands on, I think.

The Old Republic Sith Divide Explained

Careful, that stings.

Today’s been a good day, I know, but it doesn’t mean you haven’t had that nagging question in your head. Like the small stone in the bottom of your shoe, it’s been frustrating you throughout. You’ve been wanting to know the difference between the Sith Warriors and Sith Inquisitors in Star Wars MMO The Old Republic. We’re here for you, the answer’s below.

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RPS At E3: Star Wars – The Old Republic

Friendly chaps

A new class for BioWare’s forthcoming Star Wars MMO was revealed today: the Smuggler. Described by BioWare as, “The Han Solo fantasy,” the Smuggler is a ranged fighter who makes cunning use of a freshly revealed cover system. More details, plus a reaction to our seeing some fantastic battles, below.

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“Ultimate Star Wars Game” Old Republic Footage

Impressive developer-narrated video of The Old Republic after the jump. It includes the first footage of the game in action, with some dudes thrashing about with their light sabres. More interesting, perhaps, is the continued explanation of story within the MMO, with discussion of your journey towards the light or dark side, and the role of companion characters. There’s also a closer look at the visual style of the game, which they’re calling “stylised realism”. You’ll want to watch this one.

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The Old Republic – Reactions Brain Dump

So the new Star Wars MMO news is pouring in now, and I thought I’d have a little look at what’s known about it so far, and post some thoughts.

The thing that Bioware are most keen to emphasise is that this will be an MM that tells a story. They’re aiming to make this a game in which their classic RPG-creating skills will come to the fore, allowing MMO players to have a solo adventure of the highest standard. This is commendable, I suppose, at least if you set it against the backdrop of World Of Warcraft and the other big, quest-based MMOs. If The Old Republic is able to tell a lengthy, on-going story that encompasses our entire game life, rather than a series of multi-level bursts of questing narrative, then Bioware could be on to something.

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That’s No Moon. It’s An MMO: The Old Republic!

Exclusive -there will be lightsabre fights
Well, it appears that gaming’s most open secret is finally confirmed proper-like. Bioware KOTOR (+300 years) MMO, The Old Republic, has been announced today. There’s plenty more screens on the site and I’ll lob the press release beneath the cut, but this is really the sort of thing which makes me think creating an RPS code where if we print rumours and use a certain code word (“Tartan”) it means we know this rumour is totally true and you shouldn’t even consider any other possibilities. Less cynically, they’ll be more theorising around it in the next few days – and I suspect more than a little in the comments thread. Until then, examine the press release or devour all the info on their site to feed your own theories.
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