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Oh My God It’s The First Thief 4 Screenshot

Is that a stopwatch? How hardcore is Eidos Montreal's playtesting division?

Strategy Informer sends word of this, a photo posted by Eidos Montreal and subsequently picked up by French site JeuxVideo. You can find the original photo here. My feverish analysis follows.
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Stealing The Show: Thief 4 Lecture At GDC

Announcing... Thifourfth!

Quick, somebody sound the Thief 4 gong! Looks like we’ll be getting a tiny glimpse of the still very much in-development title at GDC, which kicks off on the 28th of February.
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Fresh from the RPS Chatroom: DX3/T4 News

[18:41] bremxjones3: “Square Enix’s Tokyo developers are to work on the cinematics for Eidos Montreal’s upcoming Deus Ex sequel, the studio’s general manager Stephane D’Astous told us.”
[18:41] Ento: aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[18:41] swiss-: noooOOoo
[18:41] bremxjones3: Also, Thief
[18:42] swiss-: all, is lost

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4 Real: Thief 4

(Thi4f? 4FS.) The giant rumour-phone they call the Internet has been a-rumbling with Thief 4 noises for many months now, and so it seemed certain the announcement was imminent. Naturally RPS’ enormous BFG-like ears had long ago picked up concrete information, but we couldn’t confirm it. Now we can. Confirmed. The press release (in full below) reports that the game is still at a very early stage, and is being developed by Eidos Montreal, who are also handling Deus Ex 3. They’re looking for new staff, too. Talk about labouring under the weight of expectations, eh readers?
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