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Whaddya Buyin’? Titanfall’s Black Market And Second DLC

By Ben Barrett on July 25th, 2014.

Much like Barney and his beatings quota, I am way behind on giant stompy robot explosion-fests. Titanfall has a good shot for my game of the year if I ever find the time to actually play it again. Most likely everyone left on PC at this point are hyper-elite maniacs with actual cybernetic implants to control the game with their thoughts. At least we’ll all be equally unfamiliar with the three maps coming in the second DLC pack, Frontier’s Edge.

It’s also launching a “Black Market” that will sell some cosmetic items and packs of the one-life buff Burn Cards. These are bought with a new in-game currency that’s earned through normal play or by binning unwanted burn cards, effectively letting you trade in a few for one you particularly want.

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Your Titan, Sir: Titanfall Adding New Modes And Butler Voice

By Alice O'Connor on June 25th, 2014.

A few of the new Burn Cards for Titans.

“Mm, yes, that’s a sensible change,” I mutter, reading over the next Titanfall patch notes. “Oh ho! And matchmaking did indeed need improving too. And how delightful: customisation options for your robot including decals and a snooty English butler voice named Jeeves. I do certainly enjoy customisation in games. I’m not sure about those shotgun changes mind. But yes, it’s a solid patch: new features, bug fixes, balance tweaks, all that patch stuff. Certainly patch-y. Very patch-ish.”

There I am, all ready to be wearily resigned about the very idea of even looking at a video game, when I notice Respawn Entertainment are also adding a rotating lineup of new modes. The first sounds pretty interesting. I think I might return to Titanfall to play that.

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Trialfall: Origin Kicks Off Free Timed Trials With Titanfall

By Alice O'Connor on June 20th, 2014.


According to Origin, I have played Titanfall for three hours. I enjoyed those three hours but look, the world has so many other video games, and I feel antsy staying indoors on a sunny day, and Titanfall’s giant revolver is so far down the unlock line I couldn’t bear to be apart from it. It is certainly worth a try, though, especially as it’ll be free to play for 48 hours this weekend.

EA are launching an Origin equivalent of Steam’s free weekends, letting everyone play the full version of a game free for a short while, under the name Origin Game Time.

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Flag Returned: Respawn Putting CTF Back In Titanfall

By Nathan Grayson on May 26th, 2014.

I know there are two robots fighting in front of me, but all I can think about is flags

Graham doesn’t get mad. If you cut him, he will bleed forgiveness, understanding, and reassuring smiles. Titanfall made Graham mad – not because it’s bad (he adores it), but because it took something from him. His favorite game mode. And he wasn’t alone. When Respawn realized two Titanfall modes, Capture The Flag and Pilot Hunter, had issues, they outright removed them from regular rotation instead of popping open the 20-foot-tall trunk and cleaning up the mess under the hood. Players were not happy, and fortunately Respawn listened.

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CTF WTF: Titanfall Cuts Game Modes From PC Version

By Graham Smith on May 20th, 2014.

This is what happens every time I quit the game.

When Titanfall came out back in March, I recommended it mostly on the strength of its Capture the Flag mode. I now retract that recommendation. Developers Respawn Entertainment have removed the ability to play both Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter modes on PC, except through the Variety option (which picks your mode at random) or Private Match beta (which pretty much requires that you have eleven friends all waiting to play with you).

In other words: two months after release, they’ve removed the main thing I liked from a game which costs, via EA’s Origin, £45.

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Into The Woods: Titanfall’s ‘Expedition’ DLC Video-ed

By Nathan Grayson on May 13th, 2014.

If a Titan falls in a forest and no one's around, does it make a sound?

Titanfall is getting content of a most downloadable sort, and we’ve already shown you still images of Expedition, as it’s known, in hyper-peaceful quadrotantric un-action. What happens, though, when images spring to life, unaided by the hand of man or puppet strings or even sorcery? What then? Well, that’s how trailers are born, and there’s one below. It’s all about maps, which I was shocked to discover is not just an incredibly catchy number by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Maybe I’ve been doing too much karaoke lately.

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Bomb Voyage: Titanfall Expedition DLC Due This Month

By Graham Smith on May 7th, 2014.

Three contentious subjects: EA-published first-person shooters; DLC packs for multiplayer games; and news stories about little more than screenshots. But in this instance I’m willing to look deeper than my own initial feelings about all three of those. This is like when you take three foods that don’t taste that great but maybe cover each of them with cheese, to trick yourself into eating them. And the cheese in this instance is Titanfall.

Look, I’m still pretty tired after the Monday break, but these Titanfall: Expedition screenshots below look pretty good, alright. Put them in your eyes.

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Lotta Bots: All Titanfall Updates Except Maps To Be Free

By Nathan Grayson on April 16th, 2014.

Are the best things in life free? Are they really? I don’t know, but I do know that giant-robot-related things are pretty darn cool, and those are going to be free from now until the end of time. Well, Titanfall time. Respawn’s laid out its update roadmap, promising more information, regular tweaks and additions, new modes, and free everything – except for map packs. That’s a shame because it fragments the community, which in turn fragments my heart. OK not really, but it is kind of a pain.

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Titan Was Alone: Titanfall Finally Adds Private Matches

By Nathan Grayson on April 11th, 2014.

All aloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooone

“Privacy? Privacy is dead!” say the cynicism-sick portions of the peanut gallery referring to the modern state of surveillance and not really shooty shooty bang bang games about giant robots at all. But if, for the sake of argument, they were upset about the multiplayer-only Titanfall‘s bizarre lack of multiplayer options, they’d now have one less thing to complain about. Titanfall’s latest patch adds in the oft-requested option to break off from the rest of the world and host matches with friends, neighbors, fellow Illuminati members, etc. Take that, everyone else.

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Finally: Respawn Is Improving Titanfall’s Matchmaking

By Nathan Grayson on March 29th, 2014.

A match made in (giant robot) heaven

I like Titanfall, Alec likes Titanfall, Graham likes Titanfall, and everyone else at RPS does too because Graham is our managing editor and he manages everything, including our opinions. But there is one thing that none of us particularly like, and that is the matchmaking. It’s breezy yet haphazard, selecting teams based on startlingly few skill commonalities and providing almost nothing in the way of options. Now though, it seems that Respawn is finally taking steps in the right direction. Baby steps. Giant robot baby steps, but baby steps nonetheless.

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Cheat In Titanfall? Then You Will Only Play With Cheaters

By Nathan Grayson on March 27th, 2014.

I do so enjoy it when game developers get creative with their anti-cheat solutions. Related: I would not recommend that you try cheating in shiny new stomp-o-blaster Titanfall. On one truck-sized, pilot-snatching hand, you’ll still be able to play the game, but you’ll find yourself surrounded by some rather… unsavory company. Namely, fellow cheaters. Sounds like a recipe for infuriation, frustration, and humiliation if I’ve ever heard one. Or maybe just sentient aimbots.

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Future Imperfect: New Titanfall Game Modes Will Be Free

By Graham Smith on March 27th, 2014.

When the (Titan)fall DLC is all that's left, it matters a great deal.

Despite appearances, Titanfall is rare: a multiplayer shooter you can pop in and instantly have fun with, even if it’s been a while since you last played a multiplayer game. The DLC remains a concern, however. Often the launch of paid-for modes and map packs for multiplayer shooters serves mainly to divide a community, as the majority rush towards what’s new, leaving those late-comers and dabblers with an emptier experience and a feeling of being left-out.

So it’s good news that Respawn Entertainment’s founder Vince Zampella announced via Twitter that Titanfall’s future game modes would be free for all, even if maps would remain the purview of DLC.

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The Way Back: Why Titanfall’s Got Me Multiplayin’ Again

By Alec Meer on March 20th, 2014.

One of the more unexpected side-effects of the difficult last couple of years I’ve had was that I stopped playing multiplayer games. Completely, totally stopped, to the point that I was almost phobic about them, even making excuses in order to avoid them both personally and professionally. Why? Well, “it’s complicated”, but I suspect it’s as simple (and pathetic) as not wanting to feel humiliated in front of strangers in the very likely event I played poorly, for fear it would compound my other various self-loathings and anxieties. Don’t I sound fun at parties, eh?

Now, I’m not going to claim that Titanfall is some miracle cure, or that the profundity of its multiplayer achievements puts all else in the shade. However, I have, genuinely and very quickly, found that I can tread onto a server full of strangers without worrying about it and then have a fine old time, usually ending even a losing match feeling I achieved something of personal merit and often trembling slightly with adrenal excitement. The last multiplayer game which did that for/to me was Team Fortress 2.
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