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Gaming Made Me: The Trespasser Demo

By Craig Pearson on October 30th, 2013.

There there.

I’m finally handed the opportunity to write about Jurassic Park: Trespasser on RPS, but instead of hitting Isla Sorna like a sexy chaos mathematician, I instead drop into the less chaotic confines of the demo. I took some time to consider what I loved about Trespasser, a game that was widely regarded as the most disappointing release of 1998, and I realised that my fondest memories were of the demo. I still really like the game, but it was that little sandbox of dinosaurs and boxes that boiled down what I wanted from games. I managed to dig the demo up on TresCom, and installed two parts of the mods here to up the resolution and returned to that Lost World. It was there, when I was 19 and this felt like the future, that I lost dozens of hours. My inner child returned as I flapped my noodley arm around at raptors, so I did what every responsible adult would do: I interviewed him. Here is the transcript of the chat between 19 year-old me, and the handsome, witty grown-up that idiot somehow spawned.
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Oh, Alright: Have Some New X Rebirth Screenshots

By Craig Pearson on October 23rd, 2013.

Just the other day I gave you all the gift of a new trailer for X Rebirth, and Egosoft has followed that up with a few new screenshots. I was in two minds about posting them: I am in danger of dragging everyone down into the gravitational pull of my personal excitement, and should probably stop making words about it, but then I clicked on them and my instant reaction was to share. They are very pretty, particularly the one with the asteroids. So here they are, a gallery of gorgeous space graphics.
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All The Trespasser Mod Remake News That’s Fit To Post

By Craig Pearson on January 14th, 2013.

Jurassic Park Park, Jurassic Parrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk!
“Welcome to the Annual General Meeting of the Jurassic Park: Trespasser fan club. President, Secretary, Treasurer, Masseur, Taxidermist, Milliner, Doorman, and Shark Tank Cleaner Craig Pearson presiding. Raise your copy of Trespasser in its original packaging when I call your name. Craig Pearson? Yup. We’re all here. I called this AGM to discuss all the goings on in the Trespasser community… Well, thanks for coming. See you next year.”

*Sound of door slamming open, wind and rain whips into the room, Craig stumbles in*

“Craig! You came out and back in again to make a dramatic entrance! Sit down and tell yourself what’s up.”

“It’s alive…”

*Sound of cliffhanger*
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Jurassic Park Game Inspired By Heavy Rain

By Quintin Smith on January 10th, 2011.

I really hope somebody out there gets this joke.

Telltale has told Game Informer that its upcoming episodic Jurassic Park game will be a more tense, slower-paced experience than its usual adventures games, and that the team are taking an inspiration from David Cage’s PS3-exclusive Heavy Rain. Specifically, the interview states that Telltale is “going above and beyond to develop something new for Jurassic Park: Episode 1.” The game is set partially during and partially after the first Jurassic Park film, so, mm.

Is that interesting? I thought that might be interesting. More importantly, have you guys all played Trespasser yet? Look, I’ll put a video of the beginning of the game beneath the jump. This 1997 FPS was light-years ahead of its time.
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