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Wot I Think: Twin Sector

By John Walker on September 30th, 2009.

Wot I Think

Anything that has magic gloves and puzzles is worth a look. Twin Sector comes from German developers DnS Development, a first-person puzzle game with echoes of Portal. Can it live up to such an inevitable peer? Here’s Wot I Think.

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Twin Sector Demonstration Module

By Jim Rossignol on September 12th, 2009.

This morning I’ve been playing the demo of first-person physics puzzler, Twin Sector. Here’s a mirror list – it’s about 800mb – and all the installers would appear to have multiple language options. I’d usually link to the GamersHell mirrors, but the file seems to be corrupted in this instance. Also, turn the subtitles off before you start playing, they’re totally out of sync with the voice acting, which is more than enough. Anyway, more thoughts on the game below.
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And Then There Were Physics: Twin Sector

By Jim Rossignol on August 25th, 2009.

With Portal being so successful I had rather expected there to be a load of first-person puzzlers to come along in its wake. We’ve had few glimpses of its influence here and there, but I do wonder whether Twin Sector is the next game that could truly be seen as a first-person puzzler in the style of Valve’s comedy space-bender. Set inside a cryogenic containment facility where things have gone rather wrong, Twin Sector tasks you with using the power of physics to enable your female protagonist to fix a wonky reactor. You will, naturally, need to figure out what else is down there in the techno-tombs with you, and why it wishes to foil your efforts. Happily the guiding voice of a helpful AI is there to help you jump through the hoops.

Assuming independent German devs Headup can pull off the physics puzzles satisfactorily, this could be a great game, as well as a splendid tech-demo for the Havok physics systems on which it is based. Twin Sector is reportedly out next month, and the trailer is entombed below.
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