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Lifestreaming: Twitch Hacked, User Info Possibly Swiped

By Alice O'Connor on March 24th, 2015.

Internet, Internet, where will hackers strike next? Round and round and round we go, where the security hole stops, no one kn- oh! Twitch! It’s Twitch! Streaming service Twitch has been hacked.

Twitch announced last night that “there may have been unauthorized access to some Twitch user account information”, so they’re resetting all logins and access for everyone. If you’re lucky, you only need to reset your password and change your streaming software settings. If unlucky, well, naughty folks may have your name, address, phone number, date of birth, and more.

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Why People Are Making The AI Fight Itself In Civilization

By Richard Moss on February 20th, 2015.

A strange thing happened in the Civilization community r/civ on January 10, 2015. Inspired by similar, smaller-scale offerings by a livestream and fellow redditor DarkLava (from whom he explicitly sought permission), user Jasper K., aka thenyanmaster, shared the first part of an experiment he was conducting wherein he put 42 computer-controlled civilisations in their real-life locations on a giant model of the Earth and left them to duke it out in a battle to the death, Highlander style (except instead of heads they need capital cities).

Since then, the practice has exploded in popularity. Reddit’s Civilization community has AI-only fever, but what exactly is so compelling about watching the computer play a very slow-paced turn-based strategy game with itself?

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Streams To The Rythym: Twitch Licenses 500 Songs

By Alec Meer on January 15th, 2015.

The glory days are over: no more hosting a private disco on your video stream. No sir, you may not show the world what it’s like to play Animal Crossing with a Rammstein soundtrack. What you can now do, however, is soundtrack your Twitch blathering with one or some of 500 songs they’ve acquired usage rights for. None of them are songs you’ll ever hear the postman whistling, naturally, but a start is a start.
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Livesteaming: Steam Broadcasting Launches In Beta

By Alice O'Connor on December 2nd, 2014.

Don't tell your password to everyone watching the first stream you saw on Steam, gang.

Oh me oh my, Valve are wading into the livestreaming waters. You know, that livestreaming thing, where you can watch other people play video games or have other folks watch you play video games? Valve today launched a public beta of Steam Broadcasting, building livestreaming into the Steam client. It’s trying to make livestreaming more casual and coincidental rather than a big fuss we consciously go through. But look, click this link and you can watch games through the Steam Community right now.

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Twitch Dress Code Requires, Y’know, Dressing

By Philippa Warr on October 28th, 2014.

The Mount Your Friends cast themselves are exempt



A fledgling Twitch streamer is preparing for a date with their regular audience. Twitch HQ notices them about to start broadcasting and decides to intervene.

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Live$treaming: Amazon Buying Twitch For $970 Million

By Alice O'Connor on August 26th, 2014.

It's a logo.

Hey gang! Remember those rumours that Google planned to buy Twitch for a cool billion dollars? That’s not happening. The livestreaming service has been up for sale, though. Amazon announced yesterday that, all things going well, they’ll buy Twitch for $970 million in cash money. Being owned by Amazon is good for us users, Twitch say, because they’ll have the support to do new stuff faster.

The buyout would help explain Twitch’s unpleasant changes this month. It’s wiped huge archives of old video and started muting copyrighted audio in saved videos, cutting costs and getting legal ducks in a line. Investors tend to care more about that sort of thing than users do.

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Twitching: A Few Solutions But More Problems

By Alice O'Connor on August 8th, 2014.

It's late and I'm tired here's your caption what do you want?

Twitch was doing so very well. The livestreaming service was used by millions, integrated into games from Minecraft to World of Tanks, and the only real complaint was long broadcast delays making it difficult for hosts to chat with viewers. This week, two changes–one launched and one planned–burned some of that good will.

Wednesday brought the surprise launch of tech to enforce music copyright, scanning saved videos (not streams) and muting whole 30-minute chunks if any part sounds like a song it knows. Obviously that’s been a bit wonky and caused trouble. Twitch also announced they would limit the amount of video people can save after streams, and wipe huge numbers of archived videos. Now it’s back-pedalled on the latter a little but still going ahead with the problematic music stuff.

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Twitch Trimming Archives & Muting Copyrighted Music

By Alice O'Connor on August 7th, 2014.

Jerkin' back 'n' forth.

In a double-whammy of announcements, livestream site Twitch have revealed two big changes that are unpleasant but unsurprising. First, they’re adding tech to scan and automatically mute saved videos using copyrighted music (not live streams). But hey, that’ll be less of a problem than you might expect! They’ll also soon start wiping past broadcasts after as little as two weeks, no longer saving them forever, and limiting highlight clips to two hours–so you’ll have less for them to mute.

Given rumours that Google are looking at buying Twitch, one might casually remark that putting legal ducks in a line and cutting expenses are investor-pleasing moves.

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Must-See CT: Twitch Rating CS Streamers With Steam API

By Alice O'Connor on May 30th, 2014.

No scrubs.

One problem with using Let’s Plays and livestreams to fill video game-shaped longings in my life when I can’t summon the will to actually play one myself–and there may be several problems with this–is that so many are terrible. While good players or good performers can be genuinely entertaining, if they’re not I can’t pretend I’m not trying to fill a gaping emotional hole with ‘content’ and human voices. So huzzah! Twitch is tapping its Steam connection to use magical metadata so viewers can find the good stuff, starting with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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Dream Stream: $1bn Google Bid For Twitch Rumoured

By Adam Smith on May 19th, 2014.

Streaming is big business. During peak usage times in the US of A, Netflix and are two of the largest sources of internet traffic, as people across the country watch films, TV shows (or are they just ‘shows’ now, without the ‘TV’?), live esports and other game streams. Little wonder then that Twitch is the target of a takeover, with multiple suitors, including Microsoft, already rebuffed according to sources who have spoken to The Verge and Variety. Numerous reports place Google in pole position, with a billion dollars on the table.

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Swimming Upstream: Twitch Sells, Funds Indie Games

By Nathan Grayson on April 17th, 2014.

I've got those millions-of-random-Internet-kids-screaming-in-my-head-at-all-once blues

Twitch has its fair share of problems, but there’s no denying the utter ubiquity of the massive videogame streaming service. Heck, I use it for two separate shows here on RPS, and I’m sure plenty of you stream out your cursing-and-bad-joke-ridden exploits as well. It’s interesting, then, to see what Twitch has decided to do with the powder keg of potential influence sitting right beneath its purple buttocks. Its latest decision? A move into game sales and – in one special case – funding. You can now purchase Vlambeer’s madly addictive Nuclear Throne from Twitch. Meanwhile, the Twitch Plays Pokemon inspired Choice Chamber is having its Kickstarter funding matched dollar-for-dollar by the streaming goliath.

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Watch Meer Lose His Thief Cherry, 15 Years Too Late

By Alec Meer on November 28th, 2013.

Update: done, and suitably shamed. Videos below.

I have never played Thief: The Dark Project.

Please stop hitting me.

(I have played Thief 3, at least).

In about half an hour, I’m going to play it at last. Would you like to watch? Join me, live-ish.
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Always Bet On Spelunky Death Roulette

By Graham Smith on October 15th, 2013.

In Spelunky we trust.

First there was Salty Bet, the 24/7 Twitch stream where AI-controlled fighting game characters do battle with one another in front of an audience who can bet on the winner with fake money. Now there is Spelunky Death Roulette, a similar wrapper for a group of Twitch streams where viewers can use fake money to bet on how they think the player will die.
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