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A WASD To The Past – Zelda FPS

By Alec Meer on June 7th, 2010.

Fairy boy, fairy boy

Have a dash of Nintendo in your PC tea, with Michael Johnston’s fan-made, browser-based reimagining of the second NES Legend of Zelda game as an FPS of sorts. Large, flat open lands, caves and floaty heart icons, all from the player-perspective rather than a bird’s eye view. Dedicated/clever/fiddly/oddly grindy, but quite lovely in its strange past-meets-present genre-bending.
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Redefine Your XY Axis: Hey Baby

By Kieron Gillen on June 2nd, 2010.

Really, he was asking for it

Courtesy of Leigh: A game for the days when you think that Valerie Solanas kinda had a point.
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Unity In Chrome With No Plugin

By Jim Rossignol on May 21st, 2010.

Edge Online report that Unity have revealed their 3D engine running in Google’s Chrome browser without a plugin.

Described as a “potential game changer” by Unity VP Brett Seyler, Native Client is a security sandbox currently in development for Chromium which allows “the secure execution of native code”. Unity’s Web Player software is not required.

Dark magicks. And kind of a big deal. Lots more in a big post from Unity over here. “The future of games on the web,” indeed.

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Rock, Paper, Shotgunity – PenultaBuild!

By Jim Rossignol on January 30th, 2010.

This was supposed to be the last build of Shotgunity, the game we’ve been making using the free Unity development suite, with Build 8.1 (NEW LINK). Starting from scratch, with no prior knowledge of Unity, or indeed any type of coding, we planned to make a game based on RPS by today. Did we hit our deadline? Did we hell. But find out how surprisingly far we got after the cut.
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Tiger Woods Will Embed Himself Anywhere

By Alec Meer on January 25th, 2010.

unpleasant hole-based pun #65

That is the first Tiger Woods gag I’ve ever made, anywhere, for the record – I’m entitled to at least one after these longs weeks of respectful silence, surely?

It’s made in reference to what’s a surprise move by EA, and a big ol’ happy event for the Unity engine. Which, just to remind the slowpokes, is a pretty darn beefy 3D game engine capable of running inside a browser. In this case, to power full-blown golf sim Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online. Yeah, Disgraced Sex Pest Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online. Get over it. The last word’s the important bit.
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Rock, Paper, ShotgUnity, Part 13

By Jim Rossignol on January 23rd, 2010.

Post Thirteen in the chronicles of Spong In A Posty Rock, Paper, Shotgunity – the game we’re making using the free Unity development suite – and it’s unlucky for some. That some is YOU. It’s time for some barely coherent rambling, Build 07, after the cut.

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Rock, Paper, Shotgunity, Post 12

By James Carey on January 20th, 2010.

I’ve realised that the relative complexity of the Shotgunity project might be distracting from a central idea I’ve wanted to get across in this series, namely that it’s easy to make games with the Unity tools. To prove this point, today, together, we’re going to make a clone of a giant in gaming ancestry, we’re going to make Pong in a post. And not even an overly long post at that. Grab a copy of Unity and meet me after the cut.

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Rock, Paper, Shotgunity, Part Eleven

By Jim Rossignol on January 16th, 2010.

Post Eleven of the Shotgunity diary – chronicling the progress of our Unity-based RPS game – and I’m starting to feel the cold damp breath of a deadline on the back of my neck. With only three weeks left on our schedule the process has become a mad rush to cram stuff in. The project, and the already busy mess of my brain, have both collapsed into deeper shaft of chaos. Still it’s Saturday, and that means you’re due Build 06. Find out what’s been making me sweat after the cut…
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Rock, Paper, Shotgunity, Part 10

By James Carey on January 13th, 2010.

Hard to believe we’ve reached part 10 of the Shotgunity series, but it’s true. As the end of our first experiment with the free Unity game development suite rapidly approaches, the mad scrabble to generate assets threatens to be all-consuming. But I’m still managing to make time for what other people are doing with Unity. Call it gathering inspiration, or just plain plagiarism, there’s some good stuff out there. After the cut you can see some of it, and also have a doodle…

(Get the most recent build here.)
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Rock, Paper, ShotgUnity, Part Seven

By James Carey on December 17th, 2009.

Time for the seventh post in our series covering the making of Rock, Paper, ShotgUnity– a game we’re putting together in two months using the now-free Unity development suite. Last week’s bug fixes seem to have been more successful than not, so this week it’s time to get back to adding content. What’s the plan for Build 04? Find out below.
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Rock, Paper, ShotgUnity, Part Six

By James Carey on December 12th, 2009.

Saturdays are for realising you turned thirty while you slept (in both senses), preparing your Biggles outfit for the flying lesson arranged by your lovely missus, and releasing Build 03 of the now legendary Rock, Paper, ShotgUnity game. (Which we’ve spent the last few weeks making using the free Unity package.)

This week I promised the baddies would get some more bite, that I’d take away your infinite ammo and that, most importantly I’d ruddy well fix some bugs. See how I got on, below
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Rock, Paper, ShotgUnity, Part Five

By James Carey on December 8th, 2009.

In this fifth part of my diary chronicling the process and progress of the RPS game I’m making – using the newly-free Unity game-construction suite – I get philosophical as I discuss some of the issues I think Unity throws up, and look at how that might influence my aims for Build 03 and beyond…
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Rock Paper Shotgunity, Part Four

By Jim Rossignol on December 5th, 2009.

It’s saturday, I’m awake, so it must be time for Build 02 of Rock, Paper, Shotgunity and the fourth post in our series about making a game from scratch. At the risk of repeating myself, I should explain: we’re making a game using the newly-free Unity game development tools. Why not catch up on the story so far and then read on? This week I said I’d be taking a look at some Unity Packages as well as continuing to refine Shotgunity in general following the release of Build 01 last saturday. So how did that go? Find out after the jump.

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