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Goes To (DX)11: Unreal Engine Tools Video

Chin up, eh?
So that next-generation Unreal Engine video was fairly impressive, but getting into the depths of what the tools actually do – and how much of that is actually DX11 stuff – has had to wait until this video over on Kotaku. Real-time beards! That’s the fucking future, right there.

A Macho Made In Heaven

While Kieron has been making space-adventurers wear hot pink and disco-dance in Tabula Rasa, I’ve been feeling the effects of a swollen Y chromosome playing some Gears Of War on PC. Big, big men, see how they kill. I’m not sure what it is about Epic’s current design ethos, but I just can’t get over the hyper-solidity of these soldiers and their kill-to-be-caring attitudinizing. Marcus and Dom. It’s like each knows what the other one is thinking… Read the rest of this entry »