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Midway’s Online Arcade

Everyone’s gotta have an online games store these days. One day, even we’ll have one, exclusively selling unplayable text adventures we made when we were nine, and the BBC Micro version of Manic Miner which I hacked to say that I wrote it.

Meantime, it’s Midway’s turn.
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An Epic Tale

Not pictured: the space-boobies Unreal 2 was marketed with

In case you hadn’t noticed yet, Epic’s Unreal back catalogue – so no Gears of War or Jazz Jackrabbit, unfortunately – has cropped up on Steam. This comes just a couple of days after guys-who-enjoy-opening-squillions-of-data-files-in-notepad spotted what they reckoned were references to Epic games in Steam’s guts, causing web rumour mills to spin themselves into a frenzy.

The sheer breadth of the Steam store is becoming faintly (but agreeably) obscene. If EA, Ubisoft and Microsoft ever end up pledging allegiance to it, I foresee the death of Windows. We boot straight into Steam, we play all our games in Steam, we chat with our friends in Steam and we hack its browser to write and read RPS in Steam. Then the entire planet splits into two opposing camps – the Valvemen and the Googlemen – and we fight to the death for which giant monolithic corporation we want to entrust all our personal data to. Maybe.
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The Next Big Thing

So, we’re in a bit of a quandry. Bioshock was quite exciting. The Orange Box was simply incredibly wonderfully enormo-exciting. The writers and readers of RPS alike rode these zeitgeist waves in something like ecstasy, hollering happy, happy words all the way. But what now? While there’ll doubtless be yet more Portal posts here before the year is out, really it’s time we look to tomorrow…

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UT3 Demo: Hot or Not?

Here’s a few early impressions of the Unreal Tournament 3 demo, plus bonus anecdote from my gaming past. These are rather tainted by hungover subjectivity, so may very well not match your own feelings, but hell, outspoken nonsense is what you visit this site for, right?

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Unreal Tournament 3 Demo

The beta demo for Unreal Tournament 3 is out, but we can’t find a server that isn’t maxed out. Try here and here, if you’re patient.

Post any other good download links in the comments, y’all.