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The Science of Spore

By Alec Meer on May 24th, 2008.

“”We want people to think about the world a little differently as a result of having played the game.” Hmm. Mandibley and tentacley, live together in perfect harmony? High Lord Wright talks about the scientific grounding behind his minigame-manic evolve ‘em up…

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The Guardian: Will Wright Interview

By Kieron Gillen on May 4th, 2008.

Wikipedia has literally the free-est of photos.

After Molyneux earlier in the week, my second interview has gone live over at the Guardian’s site. It’s with Will Wright. In it I talk about stuff, primarily his philosophy of games. Yes.

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Eno and Wright On Generative Systems

By Jim Rossignol on March 9th, 2008.

This talk is a couple of years old now, being a seminar organised by The Long Now Foundation in June 2006, but I had only had the MP3 previously. Today I discovered that it is also available in full as a video via the excellent If you’ve not already seen or heard this, then you must.

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Will Wright ‘o’ Vision

By Jim Rossignol on February 26th, 2008.

A Will Wright interview on Gamespot has that Mr Sims guy saying some clever stuff about Go, not having a degree, and amplifying imagination.



The Soul of The Sims

By Alec Meer on February 20th, 2008.

Or 0111001010101, as I like to think of it

Here’s a rare insight into the ways of a top-tier game designer. Don Hopkins, whose fascinating if slightly bewildering site we’ve linked to before, back when he was drawing back the curtain on the free version of SimCity for the One Laptop Per Child scheme, recently shared a remarkable game-history curio.

It’s Will Wright’s original code for The Sims.
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Spore: September 7th 2008

By John Walker on February 12th, 2008.

Lordy lawks, what could be more exciting than the thought of Simon Amstell as Doctor Who? How about a release date for Spore?!

Tell 'em, thingie guy.

This press release on Spore’s site reveals the news. Mr Wright, he say,

“The wait is almost over. We’re in our final stages of testing and polish with Spore, and the team at Maxis can’t wait to see the cosmos of content created by the community later this year.”

So, this September then. Woo!

[Twiddles thumbs]

[Evolves extra thumbs for increased twiddling] Okay, let’s watch the video…
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Will Wright Versus The Spacemen

By Alec Meer on February 8th, 2008.

Spore: even after all those troubling delays, it’s still quite possibly the most exciting game of the coming year. When we hear that Will Wright is even demonstrating it to the spaceheads at NASA, it sounds like we get to nod solemenly at its cleverness as well as clap for joy at its gloopy, many-legged wonders. Here’s a from-the-hip recording of his presentation, which, not unsurprisingly, focuses on the planetary exploration and colonisation aspect of the impending evolve ‘em up:

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