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WoW’s J. Allen Brack On What Lies Beyond Pandaria

By Nathan Grayson on October 16th, 2012.

Whether you’re a sucker for their furry brand of kung-fury or not, World of Warcraft‘s pandas are officially here to stay. Fortunately, Pandaria’s mysterious de-misting actually revealed one of the better WoW expansions in recent memory, so life goes on – and quite merrily at that. But while fresh competitors like Guild Wars 2 continue to be the talk of the town, MoP didn’t quite take the world (Warcraft-flavored or otherwise) by storm. Slow and steady though the process might be, MMOs are evolving. Sure, WoW’s world is bigger than ever, but its every strained lurch is followed by a deafening creak. So what’s next? How does Blizzard plan to keep WoW relevant? Does it involve free-to-play? A return to the Horde vs Alliance glory days? More species of playable bear? During GDC Online, I sat down with production director J. Allen Brack to find out.

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Madness: Entire World Of Warcraft Recreated In Minecraft

By Nathan Grayson on October 9th, 2012.

Lack of perfect one-to-one-ness can be chalked up almost entirely to my terrible Photoshopping abilities.

This is basically staggering. Have you ever considered building a ship in a bottle? Well, this is sort of like that – except someone essentially decided to build a bottle around a full-sized war galleon. In short, this is all of  World of Warcraft‘s Azeroth (read: no Outland, Northrend, or Pandaria… yet) recreated to 1:1 scale in another slightly popular game that prominently features “craft” in its title. Apparently, that herculean construction effort necessitated 68 billion blocks. And yet, one person managed it all by their lonesome. But how?

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Ghost Town: World of Warcraft’s Accidental Genocide

By Alec Meer on October 8th, 2012.

Dear Mum, today I work I had to search for pictures of dead gnomes

No-one’s immune to hacking, and the bigger they are the harder they fall (but more quickly they recover, given the megabucks, etc). Over the weekend, someone manage to slip a knife into World of Warcraft’s ribs, finding an exploit that allowed the usually near-invincible NPCs inhabiting the capital cities of Stormwind and Ogrimmar to become as weak as asthmatic kitten (though this was done by by the exploiting players accessing kill commands, not the NPCs actually being weakened). Slaughter inevitably followed.
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Pandaria’s First Big Patch Brings War Back To Warcraft

By Nathan Grayson on October 6th, 2012.

And also, it was YOUR turn to do the dishes last week - not mine.

As a child, one of my first Real Person (read: PC) games was Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. Back in those days, the Horde and Alliance, well, they didn’t like each other so much. There was, I suppose you could say, a whole lot less crafting and a rather sizable helping of war. But times have changed, and so has the world of Warcraft. For one, it grew a world. That’s fairly significant. But with rather unpleasant-sounding crusades and apocalypse dragons came a certain level of necessary chumminess between the warring factions. According to Blizzard, however, Mists of Pandaria’s first major update is about to (finally) change all of that.

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A Gryphon’s-Eye View of Mists of Pandaria

By Alec Meer on September 24th, 2012.

nice cherry blossoms, dude

We know World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria has kung-fun pandas in it. I’ve seen it on adverts on the telly and everything. What else does it have in it? Well, if you’ve got seven minutes you can find out, with the below flyover trailer that runs through some of the new zones, enemies, abilities and dungeons to be found in WoW’s fourth expansion. It’s like a timeshare brochure, but with flying ships, angry crab-men and Chinese temples.
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WoW Screenshots Allegedly Include Acct Names, IP Info

By Nathan Grayson on September 12th, 2012.

And that tiny mechanized chicken is to blame for all of it.
Well, this is more than a little upsetting. A picture, our forefathers (or someone’s forefathers, anyway) said, is worth a thousand words, but I’m willing to bet they’d have upped that wager a little if their pictures contained bits of decryptable info that revealed very sensitive personal information. Reports coming out of the world of World of Warcraft, however, suggest just that, and – given that hackers tend to flock to Blizzard products like ravens to places that will soon be dooooooooomed – it’s a bit worrisome, to say the least.

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Good News Bears: WoW’s Pandaren To Be Playable By All

By Nathan Grayson on August 18th, 2012.

I'm calling the name 'Jaque Blaque' right now. You can't have it.

Want to have a panda of your very own without any of the typical muss, fuss, or mists traditionally associated with exotic cow-colored bear ownership? Well, you have two options: 1) foist responsibility onto someone else every time it needs anything other than a warm, fluffy hug or 2) play World of Warcraft. I, of course, prefer the first option, but WoW’s offering isn’t half-bad either. In an upcoming patch, Blizzard plans to remove all expansion-based limits from race selection – including the Pandaren, once Mists of Pandaria launches. You’ll find the bear necessities after the bear-ake. (That second one didn’t really work, did it? Well that’s just unbearab– [sounds of hurling self out a window].)

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Pandaring To The Crowds: Mists Of Pandaria’s Intro

By John Walker on August 16th, 2012.

Yup, a panda.

Blizzard have spent thirteenty-billion dollars on an opening cinematic for their forthcoming Mists Of Pandaria expansion, so I suppose it’s only fair that we all watch it. Then go, “Huh.” And then think, “Wouldn’t it be great if the game looked like that?” And then go back to picking our nails.

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Change Your Passwords (Again): Breached

By Nathan Grayson on August 10th, 2012.

I, like many of the highly evolved, vaguely human terminal cyborgs that we otherwise refer to as “Internet users,” perhaps somewhat unwisely use the same few passwords for, well, a lot of things. But damn it, I crafted those passwords. I didn’t use wars or stars, but they’re mine – forged through years of slight tweaks and realizations that my birthday and number sequences I’d learned in pre-school, in fact, presented sort of crackable codes. So I really wish videogame companies would stop losing track of them. But alas, it keeps happening. The most recent victim? Blizzard. Fortunately, it sounds like our most important info (credit card, address, real name, etc) is still safe and sound, but you’ll probably want to toss your password masterworks and start anew all the same. Same with mobile Authenticators – which Blizzard notes “could potentially” be compromised. Ruh-roh.

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WOW Loses 1.1m Subs In One Quarter, Blames Diablo

By Adam Smith on August 3rd, 2012.

I am going to save the world

World of Warcraft had 10.2 million subscribers in February and now it has 9.1 million. Blizzard have been quick to point out that their ageing behemoth is still the most popular subscription MMO in existence and also to reiterate the cyclical nature of peak subscriptions. They fell before Cataclysm and the fall before Pandaria was expected. It makes sense that people would drop out when they’ve experienced all the content on offer but’s tracking doesn’t show sub levels below 10 million since 2008, at which point growth had been continuous. While subs will most likely recover with the release of the pandas on Sept 25, the returns may continue to diminish. During the earning call there were words about Diablo III as well.

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WoW’s Mists Of Pandaria Out 25th September

By John Walker on July 25th, 2012.

It was their choice.

World Of Warcraft’s surelyitreallycan’tbereal update, Mists Of Pandaria – the April Fool’s joke writ large – has a release date at long last. It’ll be in the shops (shops?) on the 25th September. It’s going to cost a bloody enormous £30 in a box, but of course the digital version, not requiring a significant cut go to the store, price of packaging, shipping, etc, will be… wait, £30. Er. There is of course a Collector’s Edition at twice the price, and a Digital Deluxe containing the non-physical bonuses for £40. And you can now pre-order.

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WoW Loses Movie Director, Turns Players Into Mounts

By Nathan Grayson on July 19th, 2012.

Sadly, I am not a Batman character - though I can see how you might make that mistake.

These are, I must regrettably inform you, two stories related to World of Warcraft – not two stories related to one another. I apologize for dashing your dreams of Blizzard angrily stirring from its mountain lair and – blind with rage over losing Spider-Man and Evil Dead director Sam Raimi – hurling a spell bolt from on high that immediately transforms its playerbase into horses. Instead, I decided to collect today’s big WoW news in one place – mostly for convenience’s sake but also slightly to mislead you with a headline. I apologize for this most grievous of sins, but gosh, it was so, so worth it.

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Power To The People: The Trouble With Crowd-Sourcing

By Nathan Grayson on July 17th, 2012.

Crowd-sourcing. Crowd-funding. The next big thing. A flash-in-the-pan fad. Call it whatever you want, but right now, the gaming industry’s fallen in love with the idea of putting its fate in the hands of heaping piles of people. Double Fine Adventure was – so clearly that you could see it from space – the point where everyone took notice. Shockingly, crowds did, in fact, exist before that moment, but DFA caused them to really, truly become a thing in the industry’s eyes. Last week, however, saw Phase Two of that movement kick off with things like Penny Arcade’s Kickstarter, World of Warcraft’s Guild Mentoring Program, Steam Badges, and Steam Greenlight. Problem is, with the exception of the latter, we’re sort of doing a really miserable job of leveraging communities, you know, well.

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