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The Guardian: Will Wright Interview

By Kieron Gillen on May 4th, 2008.

Wikipedia has literally the free-est of photos.

After Molyneux earlier in the week, my second interview has gone live over at the Guardian’s site. It’s with Will Wright. In it I talk about stuff, primarily his philosophy of games. Yes.

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The Guardian: Peter Molyneux Interview

By Kieron Gillen on April 30th, 2008.

I do like the white backgrounds. It makes me feel like as pretty as a princess.

I’ve spent the week doing a couple of short, if dense interviews with major gaming figures for the Guardian Online. First one’s up, where I talk to Peter Molyneux about the idea of name-creators, why there hasn’t been a refresh of them for a long time, where they may arise and why he hopes they do arrive. The quote the Guardian chose to open on: “I’ve been credited unduly”.

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