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Wot I Think: Zafehouse: Diaries

By Robert Florence on January 15th, 2013.

Hey yo, okay, that’s enough with the zombies now. That is ENOUGH with the zombies. Sure, I like zombies. You like zombies. We all like zombies. But you know what? I see zombies more often than I see most members of my family these days. I think we’ve pretty much had it with the zombies for a little while, popular culture. Let’s have a break from the zombies, hm?

Okay. One more. Fine. This one is called Zafehouse: Diaries and it has a Z in the title because it’s always Z for Zombies theze dayz. It’s like Z is the Nike swoosh for zombies or something. It’s a brand thing. If you see a Z, you know you got some Zombies. It’s why all those zebras got together for a re-branding conference last October.
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