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11 Things I'm Looking Forward To In Legend Of Grimrock

And what a legend it has to live up to

Legend Of Grimrock is out in a couple of weeks, via Steam and GOG.com, and anticipation is building. A game that harks back to the glory days of FTL's Dungeon Master is something many would like to get their hands on. Get my hands on it I have, and after spending a little time with some pre-release code, I'm excited to confirm it really does seem to be capturing that era, with tile-based movement, a quartet of characters, and the terrifying moments when you're trying to mix a potion in the middle of a fight. Below you can read the top 11 things that I think make it a game worth taking an interest in. (I have a sneaking suspicion that anyone who didn't play Dungeon Master is going to find this post a touch confusing.)

Well, look, I'm breaking this to you now: It doesn't have a portrait gallery at the start. Yes, but we can get over this, because it does have...

1) removeable torches!

2) And a party of four characters you create at the start!

3) Evil skellingtons!

4) Sleeping in risky places where monsters may eat you!

5) Horrible creatures that make me want to hide behind my dad!

6) Teleport fields that are suitably fuzzy!

7) Giant chunks of food made out of beasts (although here a snail rather than a worm)!

8) A simple inventory, with room for cloaks!

9) Angular made up languages on the walls!

10) Pits to fall down!

11) And very best of all, hidden switches on the walls!

Honestly, hidden switches on the walls are all I could ask for. So here's hoping that by the time we've finished the game we'll still have the same enthusiasm. And while it's very faithful to Dungeon Master, it's also clearly a game made for the modern lady and man, with the ability to freely look around despite the tile moves and 90 degree turns, and some swishy lighting effects, etc. I should stress, after my little fangasm above, this isn't just a DM tribute band - they're playing their own songs too. And knowing the original - so far - I don't think is important at all. Whether it can all hold together, and provide a rewarding experience twenty-five years since its inspiration, is something we'll find out on April 11th when it's released.

Legend Of Grimrock can currently be pre-ordered on the freshly relaunched GOG.com for $11.99.

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Legend of Grimrock

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