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The Complete Magnificent RPS Advent Calendar 2012!


And so it is complete, all 24 doors ripped open, the destination reached. What a time it's been, as we've divulged our 24 favourite games of 2012, and you've expressed why we're wrong. Please do continue to do so, as you spend a tired Christmas afternoon exploring our celebratory articles, while your relatives begin the traditional zebra jousting in the courtyards.

Each number above uses some form of internet voodoo to link to the relevant article. Remember, they were in no particular order, except for the 24th which is our game of the year whether you like it or not. We only don't include Horace's Endless Christmas in the list out of misplaced modesty. You can see the complete list of included games below.

Day 1: FTL
Day 2: Borderlands 2
Day 3: Waking Mars
Day 4: The Walking Dead
Day 5: Stacking
Day 6: Thirty Flights Of Loving
Day 7: Guild Wars 2
Day 8: Legend Of Grimrock
Day 9: Lone Survivor
Day 10: Dark Souls
Day 11: Dear Esther
Day 12: Thomas Was Alone
Day 13: Mark Of The Ninja
Day 14: The Secret World
Day 15: Torchlight II
Day 16: Mass Effect 3
Day 17: Tribes: Ascend
Day 18: Planetside 2
Day 19: Day Z
Day 20: Crusader Kings II
Day 21: Dishonored
Day 22: Hotline Miami
Day 23: XCOM: Enemy Unknown
Day 24: Far Cry 3

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