No, Not Yet

We rather puzzlingly haven’t written anything else about that game yet. Sorry! But we will, one day. Probably.


  1. MrCrun says:

    Yes, but Kieron’s left so WHEN? TELL ME! gah.

  2. tanith says:

    Why is this article from the nineties?

  3. Alez says:

    Yay, i returned to the ninenties.
    People of the past beware, you must find and kill the mother of a thing called Lady Gaga or the future is DOOMED!

  4. Berzee says:

    Why haven’t you written anything about that game yet?

  5. hunsnotdead says:

    I wanna Half Life review NAO!

  6. lgs says:

    I am from the Future.
    Don’t get your hopes up on Duke Nukem Forever guys, it will suck. Sorry to say this.

  7. lordcooper says:

    Also, BUY GOLD!

  8. Wobsey says:

    And sell Europe. All of it.

  9. THE says:

    Totally testing my comments here because I can.

  10. saginatio says:


  11. Sard says:

    So I’ll start at the beginning. May be I learn about that Gilleon stuff.
    Only 1447 pages left.

  12. MikeStarkweather says:

    Oh, man. Look at those tags. Huge nostalgia trip.

  13. melnificent says:

    I’m from the further future… There will be a thing called X-Factor and britains got talent and big brother starting soon. Together they destroy TV as we know it.

    There is this thing called Bittorrent coming, it is like an unkillable napster. Oh yeah, there will be a thing called Napster for getting music and films coming this year, it’ll be replaced in 2 years.

    More importantly, still no flying cars. Why did you guys in the past not devote more time to this?