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It Ends Like You'd Guess: 2 Raptors And 100 Bullets

Free local multishoots

Let's make an agreement, you and me. I post the odd free game or two with local multiplayer, but I rarely drag a flatmate or some pals over to properly give 'em a bash. And you, look, let's not pretend you play them all comprehensively either. But let's make an agreement: over the weekend, we'll both really try 2 Raptors and 100 Bullets. Maybe it'll be pretty fun - it feels like it might be. And hey, at the very absolute worst, we spend a few minutes in the company of someone we like.

2 Raptors and 100 Bullets is a free browser-based game starring two space-raptors aboard a spaceship, who each have a jetpack, a gun and 50 bullets. They are attempting to kill each other, and to kill the other the most across the three short rounds. As well as killing the other raptor in one hit, the bullets blow up squares of the level. The raptors can pick up giant bullet power-ups too, which gouge a giant hole all the way through the ship.

Do you see? It has bits that might fall into a very fun shape. Bullets are both tools and, well, bullets - how will you conserve and use them? Run out and you'll be scrambling to collect mega-bullets. And jetpacks, well, those are always fun. I do like how simple it is. No fuss, no bother, just two raptors and one hundred bullets.

I must now go to a gallery and observe some art, but I shall endeavour to drunkenly haul a flatmate over when I get back. Remember our agreement. (Actually, I never have any idea how appreciated posts about free local-o-friendgames are. Do you play them?)

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