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20 years after release, System Shock 2 is finally getting an Enhanced Edition

Fo' Shodan

Like a toolbar on my dad’s PC, System Shock 2 won’t die. In fact, it was released 20 years ago this past Sunday and it's still gaining in power. For most of that time, the game has only been developed in fits and starts, relying on community patches, source code leaks, and the determination of Nightdive Studios to get it back in our hands. We have it now, but that’s not enough for the publisher, who thinks the game deserves the sort of attention a lot of classic games receive and has announced work on System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition.

All the other pathetic creatures of meat and bone have this tweet to report on, and that’s all well and good for them:

But later on today you’ll be able to read about the final mystery of System Shock 2 on RPS. I talked to Stephen Kick of Nightdive Studios about the ridiculous process it took to get Shodan working again, and during that chat he let me know that the System Shock 2 source code is finally in their hands, which means that Nightdive can get to work with their vision of an enhanced System Shock 2.

It will include a number of improvements, and they’re paying particular attention to the co-op multiplayer. The game will also be ported to the studio’s KEX engine, though the original version that’s on Steam and GoG will remain, and will continue to be updated by the community.

There's no release date for this, but Nightdive is knee-deep in Shock, remaking the original game and having previously released System Shock Enhanced Edition. There's a whole lot of Shock in stock.

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