Wise, wise words.

While clearly I can’t match Jim’s Rose & Camellia from yesterday (though I can beat Jim’s progress at the game itself – he only got to the maid, whilst I beat down the enormous Medusa Woman who descended from the skies for slap-vengeance) I can at least provide a piece of net-game strangeness that’s somewhere in the same league.

Take that, advanced capitalism. I bet you feel really ashamed now. Like, really.

It’s called Game, Game, Game and again Game (with the subtitle “or belief systems are small clumsy rolling-type creatures”) and was created by one Jason Nelson. It can be best described as a collision between Manic Miner and mid-period Radiohead CD Covers. And it can be played here. It’s a series of single-screen platform games with a strong glitch-aesthetic, the level getting increasingly distorted with cut-up poetry and enormous scribbles every time you pick up something. Also, includes the best use of FMV since the beautiful bald head of him from Command and Conquer.

It’s phenomenally pretentious. It’s phenomenally funny. It’s certainly phenomenally something.

Honestly, we’ll post something on something triple-A and shiny tomorrow. No, really.


  1. Ben Abraham says:

    This post came up on the random revisit old stories thing-o. It looked lonely, so I had to comment.

    What a fantastic game that is. Why was there not a bigger fuss made about it?

  2. Rob says:

    I have no idea what just happened to me and whether or not I liked it. That is one curious game.

  3. Evidence of Everything Exploding | Rock, Paper, Shotgun says:

    […] mentalist Jason Nelson has a new game. Following on from the previously covered game, game, game and again game and the previously uncovered I made this. You play this. We are enemies. we have Evidence Of […]

  4. Ankheg says:

    What the… I don’t even… My brain…
    That was something. I don’t know what, but something surely.