A Rose By Any Other Name

We admit, we’ll jump at any chance to use this screenshot again…


Rossignol already talked at length about the simple joys of cat-fighting game, Rose & Camellia, but the exciting news that someone has actually translated it into English deserved another plug. So now, at last, those who would haven’t played it, due to them needing to experience the divine narrative carefully crafted by the modern heirs to the spirit of Gogol with their face-flapping, or it’s just not worthwhile (i.e. Walker, probably) can finally get down with the slapattacks.


  1. Rock, Paper, Shotgun: Making False Idols For 2008 » Blog Archive » Advent Calender: The Followers says:

    […] ROSE & CAMIELLA The third list-member who was given the boot when doing in the organising, in favour of last-minute dark horse and POST APOCALYPTIC HEX-BASED GAME OF CHAMPIONS Armageddon Empires. It was pretty much my call entirely, as I was the man who completed Rose & Camiella, because I’m best at slapping people. That said, the Gran who turns up at the games’ close and punches with a CLOSED FIST is one of the year’s finest end of game bosses. […]

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    […] Thomas B. Chittick, Lutheran campus minister at Yale in the 1970s. He was interviewed by phone fromA Rose By Any Other Name | Rock, Paper, ShotgunWe admit, we'll jump at any chance to use this screenshot again… Rossignol already talked at […]