Rage HD

Here’s a link to the high-def version of the Rage trailer, as seen at QuakeCon ’07. Looks to me like we’ve hit some kind of graphical ceiling, eh readers? Perhaps game design will be more important than bump-cleverness? I do hope Id can deliver an entertaining rascal of a game, I really do. Something at the back of the mind however (perhaps one of them brain-rats), is gnawing away at me. Sceptical thoughts are stirring.

They shouldn’t be though: a free-roaming Mad Max FPS, with co-op play. That’s exactly what I’ve been wanting over the last couple of years. Could this be Id’s return to excellence? I think if they can balance exploration and fun road-physics with a solid sense of violence then they could be on to something. It’ll be interesting to see just how big and beautiful Id’s tech can make the landscapes. Quake Wars, which is getting on a bit now graphics tech-wise, is looking stunning, and gives a superb impression of unlimited space (despite being Battlefield-like in its scale). I’m sort of hoping that Rage can capture the minimalism and solidity of Quake 2 & 3 with vehicles. If they manage that then it could be a potent formula.

Nice fly too.


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  2. PoC says:

    I’m probably going to be coming through these archives for a while, so expect more random comments. But to talk about what’s at hand: four years. FOUR YEARS. In that much time, I could have gone to school, taken computer science, learned how to program games myself, attempt to build a game, and fail miserably at least three or four different times. What’s taking them so long?

  3. chinook says:

    >What’s taking them so long?
    It’s even more baffling when you consider what a lackluster product they ended up releasing.

    “Looks to me like we’ve hit some kind of graphical ceiling, eh readers”
    Funny how this assumption is spot on and still relevant to this day. And judging by so-called “next gen” PS4’s specs, the stagnation is not going to end anytime soon. Oh well.