SOE To Make Indian-Superhero MMO

Today’s top online gaming story is beautifully unpredictable:

Sony Online Entertainment (SOE), a global leader in the online gaming industry, is teaming up with Sir Richard Branson and Deepak Chopra’s Virgin Comics to bring the popular, India-based Ramayan 3392 A.D. comic book universe to life as an MMO video game initially for the PC.

Blimey. They go on to say:

“Virgin Comics approached us with a portfolio of amazing comic properties based on Indian lore. We particularly love Ramayan 3392 A.D., as we feel Virgin Comics’ telling of The R ® m ® yana is particularly gripping, graphically brilliant and lends itself extremely well to an MMO,” said Smedley. “This a fantastic time for us to expand our games to include this culturally rich storyline and we are honored to do this with a diversified, creative and experienced company like Virgin Comics.”

Oh, the snide comments we could make. Is Ramayan set in a world of respawning pigs? AHAHAHAA!

Sorry. Actually there are no details about the game itself as yet, but the whole thing seems like an answer to my ramblings in this Escapist article. Of course if they can’t also deliver something a bit more interesting than pig-bashing then the whole thing will be a waste of hot air.

I’ve seen the Ramayan comics on TV a few times recently, so their media engine is clearly in overdrive. But are the comics actually any good? And do we care about a superhero just because his story was based on Indian folklore? I am unqualified to answer these questions, and probably should have written about something else. Tsk.


  1. Jaynilsinh says:

    Jim Rossignol,
    I just read urarticle about Ramayan 3392.U said,”And do we care about a superhero just because his story was based on Indian folklore?” U know what I am a strong believer of Ram.He is not a superhero who wears crazy costumes and is the product of some filthy imagination,He is GOD.pls if u can’t respect anyone pls don’t make fun of him.

  2. Jim Rossignol says:

    Who’s making fun? Those were valid questions.

  3. Jason Hex says:

    This article is a little old, I just wanted to leave a quick post with my opinion about the series–It’s an excellent comic book, with a lot of hard work put into it from the artists and writers. As far as an MMO, I’ve been playing WoW for almost 2 years now, and I would LOVE to see an MMO based on Indian lore. I hope they keep at it!

    Read Ramayan. It’s great.

  4. Ashwit Shetty says:

    That comics odd ,It looks like our indian ancestors had all those spaceships ! Thats completly wierd!Yes it was believed that ravana had a plane but these ones are too much its just better if u read the original epic than this comic
    such comics just bring a waste of our hindu cultures that existed since aincent times

  5. Prithvi says:

    “Oh, the snide comments we could make. Is Ramayan set in a world of respawning pigs? AHAHAHAA! ”

    What do respawning pigs have to do with Ramayan ? Have you even read the comic to make such ridiculously ignorant statements ? I have and the comic is brilliant!

    In MMO it would be truly awesome piece of work if sufficient amount of money is invested to make it true to the comic.
    And as for if you “care about a superhero based on Indian folklore”; you dont have to .There are 1 Billion + Indians who do care and thats plenty of market even if 1% of that 1 billion play.

  6. Mahesh says:

    Beautiful artwork… But i hope they stay true to the core story and the characters should look Indian…
    Ill definitely play this… this is a new take on the epic story every single Hindu out there grew around on…

    ** I know the original story isnt that holy there are certainly some gruelling dark side to the story which is not potrayed through the TV series… **

  7. Danfishblue says:

    What do respawning pigs have to do with Ramayan ?

    No, what does respawning pigs have to do with MMOs

    That’s the real question.

    I love the irony of your statement by the way. Gave me a giggle.

  8. SRINIVAS says:

    where can I find the comics online

  9. Whatupmabitch? says:

    The characters do look indian with their brown eyes and black/brown hair.
    yes the skin colour is quite light but you do get some indians with light skin

  10. pyrouette says:

    oh sorry, that was what she was asking. but I maintain that how well the butter and sugar are creamed together does matter. also check the temperature of your oven.