Less Big Daddy, More Shirley Crabtree

Okay. We’ve had enough corporate evilness puncturing our happy-happy joy-joy over-excitement over the forthcoming Bioshock. Let’s have something to warm our hearts as we prepare ourselves for entering an art-deco hell.

(Don’t worry – the second we play it, we’ll start a too-cool-for-school It’s-not-all-that Backlash, because that’s the way we roll at Rock Paper Shotgun. We’re absolute cunts.)

Destructoid have been running a dress like Big Daddy compo. It’s over now, and the results have yet to be announced, but their members have been posting about their efforts.

Bless them.


Angels Don’t Burn manages to capture the horror and majesty of the Big Daddy using the ever-trusty Blue-Peter staples of Cardboard, Foil and a complete lack of embarrassment.

Also Sexy

Agent Moo decides to disregard the cardboard and foil and just go heavy on the complete lack of embarrassment.

Possible Rapist

Genacon, to be honest, looks a bit like a rapist.

Sexy again

Finally Sazemaster is the person who is i) clearly going to win ii) probably has spent a bit too much time on this iii) will have everyone else who lives with them wondering where all the kitchen foil’s gone iv) The only one who appears to have got his girlfriend/sister to dress up as Big Daddy. And there’s jokes to be made here, but I’m not going to go for them. His Flickr page details the construction in heartwarming detail.

There’s many more examples over in the thread too. We recommend you go look, to give us time to consider whether our Dress Like A Character In Nethack competition’s actually a good idea.


  1. GENACON says:

    “Genacon, to be honest, looks a bit like a rapist.”

    Thats the first time i’ve been called a rapist. :D

    I guess i was asking for it though, it was a poor 3am effort.

  2. Kieron Gillen says:

    You looked a bit like one. We’re surely you’re lovely. It was a funny costume :)


  3. GENACON says:

    Well looks like this will make a great first blog post on destructoid.

    I just happened to come across this site through google, I like the content you have, So it looks like you have a new reader. :)

    Take care. :)

  4. Kieron Gillen says:

    We must suggest more of our readers look like rapists :)

    Glad you like what we’re doing, sir.


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