More site-tech blather

Glance to your right, down a bit, down a bit more, no, up a little, and there. You’ll see we’ve a few more pages, some of which pertain to you, the perfectly-proportioned reader, and how you can help RPS and the community we hope to build here. Have a read, why not?

Also, we’ve a fancy new random-image header to the site, but in some browsers it requires pressing Ctrl+F5 to do a complete refresh, or it’ll stick with whatever the last image you saw was until you empty out your browser cache. Which you should do regularly anyway, or the wife (or husband – Ed) will find out about your thing for female bodybuilders (or non-gender-specific, mixed-race, vertically-challenged 8-stone weaklings – Ed). We’ll be adding new headers over time, and I guess you can submit your own should you feel so inclined- a 643×293 image of something awesome would do it, ideally with some space around the top left for us to slap our logo onto. Super-splendid ones will go into our banner rotate-o-tron.


  1. Tentaculat says:

    Surely you mean 643×293? Not trying to be a smart-arse, I just really want to submit a banner to what will surely become the most important site on the Internet.

  2. Alec Meer says:

    Whoops. Fixed. Thanks!

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