Organised crime sequel duly organised

If you’re the sort of person who goes on excitedly about how brilliant the end of Mafia was, and how it was the most mature take on the GTA-style game the world has ever seen, then you have a reason to celebrate. Its creators, Illusion Softworks, are working on a sequel, called, in a flash of inspiration, Mafia 2.

Itza me! Racial stereotype!

To be honest, I’m not among them – I thought it good, but far from Great and it always felt a little barren in terms of interactivity. That I played it before you were able to skip the early, murderously difficult, circuit racing mission which blocked progress in a way akin to the hilarious and infinitely infuriating driving-test section at the start of Driver. Anyway – enough ‘orrible whining. Little else to say. Details are sparse at the moment; there’s a press release whose meaning can be boiled down to “There will be a sequel to Mafia. It’ll come out on some formats, one of which will be the PC”.

However, it does look pretty. For more pretty, go to its (particularly bare) site here where there are four other examples of pretty. Yes.

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  1. Acosta says:

    I loved the original Mafia because it felt “authentic”: the city, the cars, the superb BSO… for me it wasn´t a GTA clone as it had its own personality. I falled in love with small things as the slow velocity of the cars, whick made me felt more attached to the city than GTA, that felt more like a toy city, ready for me to abuse it.

    And the end, of course.

    Really excited for a new one, the “2” is horrible (hope they change it), but the screens show the attention for detail and high technical standards of Illusion, hope they can improve over the first game.

  2. Solario says:

    This is great news. I loved the first one and thought it was excellent. Even if some of the racing stuff made me want to put a bullet in my brainpan.

    But then there’s stuff like the Hotel level and the gas station which were just brilliant. And not all the driving scenes were terrible. The End Game stuff was surprisingly amusing as well. Like the sea monster.

  3. Kieron Gillen says:

    I stress that I’m very much alone on not loving Mafia. I believe Walker loves the thing.


  4. Jim Rossignol says:

    I don’t love Mafia.

  5. Alec Meer says:

    I didn’t love it either, as I was going to say in the post I was halfway through writing before bloody Gillen got there first.

    Any other month, I’d guess at this sequel being rather more like GTA than the bold but squiffy first game was. But with Bioshock, a game based heavily around story and self-expression of a sort, being 2K’s biggest deal in a long while, it’ll be interesting to see what approach this new stablemate takes.

  6. John Walker says:

    Blimey – you’re all idiots.

    I love it very much indeed.

  7. The_B says:

    I’m slightly having to side ever so slightly more with Walker. And I too played it before the patch – and admittedly, yes – this did mar my view of the game slightly.

    But what Mafia definitely oozed was potential. Which I think the sequel can build upon. I just hope they do.

  8. James says:

    Narrative and atmosphere of Mafia + interactivity and roleplay elements of The Godfather = A Good Game?

  9. Alejandro Norris says: