1. Chris Nahr says:

    Oh look, you’re running Windows Vista! I’ve seen that box a few times but I’ve never seen Vista actually come back with “a solution to the problem”…

  2. Alistair says:

    Probably unrelated, but I haven’t seen that error since I installed the two recent hotfixes from MS, and the tweak for the 2Gb problem.

  3. Kieron Gillen says:

    The problem is “You’re running Vista”.


  4. Krupo says:

    Vista 64-bit is working like awesome for me…

  5. Simon Westlake says:

    Likewise. I am horrendously disappointed in the instability of the PC version of Bioshock. Even though I have a PC that is more than capable of playing it, I ended up picking up the 360 version today just because I don’t feel like dealing with all the current issues. It’s pretty disheartening, because it’s going to generate a lot of bad press for a game that really deserves a big audience.

    Hopefully they will patch the issues quickly.

  6. Gunner says:

    I’ve been running fine with 32-bit Vista. No issues at all except for alt-tabbing.

  7. Alec Meer says:

    Update: it’s working now. Required the most recent DirectX redistributable, it seems.
    And hey, it’s, like, rilly good.

  8. Daniel Puzey says:

    The installer does explicitly suggest updated drivers and dx, doesn’t it? :)

  9. Alec Meer says:

    Drivers (which I’d already updated) yes, but I didn’t notice anything about DX. Frankly it should have been built into the installer though, like any other game that requires a specific update of it does.

  10. Kunikos says:

    I’ve been running Bioshock demo in Vista 32-bit, but the drivers from Creative for my Audigy 2 ZS Gamer cause distortion/crackle to happen frequently. I reinstalled them but I read on Creative’s support site that it is a known bug due to Vista’s “higher speed audio buffers” and that it is causing bugs that didn’t crop up before in XP.

  11. Solario says:

    I fucking hate Vista. Due to a long, boring and complicated event, I was forced into buy it or shelling out three times as much for XP. Needless to say, I’ve regretted it ever since with the one exception being the time I got Grim Fandango to work on it. A feat impossible on XP.


    And my graphics went all wonky (to the point of forced formating) when I downloaded the latest driver, so I’m refraining from that for a while.

  12. Kyle says:

    I had some trouble at first, but as soon as I turned off “the high detail shaders” it stopped randomly crashing. I’m not really sure why this worked, as they were on by default and it ran silky smooth between crashes. But it did. And the angels did sing.

  13. Bruno says:

    I had the same problem, and i spent some hours in the 2K forums looking for a solution. As crazy as it seems, my problem was the video player GOM Player. As soon as i removed it, that error disappeared and now im a happy Bioshock demo player.

  14. The Sombrero Kid says:

    i got grim fandango running in XP many many times on many many Systems!?!?

  15. JH says:

    And yet when I justify my abandonment of PC gaming on the grounds of it just not working so much of the time, people try and tell I’m living in the past.

  16. John P says:

    If I try and play mine from anywhere other than the autoplay on the dvd, it crashes. Bah.

  17. Mike Jennings says:

    Useless demo. My computer surpasses all the minimum spec requirements but yet, still, chugs along and barely works at all. I don’t see much point in putting out demos – and, indeed, full versions of games – that’ll only work on a tiny number of computers compared to the amount of people who want to play what is obviously a fine game.